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The ABCs of what I’m thankful for in pro wrestling in 2019

Don’t get caught up in the drama. Here are 26 (or so) of the best things to enjoy about pro wrestling.

Henry T. Casey

Lately, it can feel like we’re just going from one dogpile argument to the next. And since it’s Thanksgiving for a few more hours, I’m getting in my list of what I’m thankful for in pro wrestling, right under the wire.

A is for AEW, which provides competition to a company that pretends to wage internal wars

B is for Becky Lynch, who is still The Man, despite that dumb apology to Vince before Mania.

C is for Ciampa who is healthy enough to wrestle again and tell us “daddy’s home”

D is for Dave Bautista, Dana Brooke and their DMs — we might be getting worked, who cares? It beats Raw’s cuckoldry.

E is for Eddie Kingston — a king who’s willing to talk about mental health

F is for the Firefly Funhouse and the Fiend who lives there

G is for Gable, the only part of Chad Gable’s current gimmick I’ll say out loud

H is for Hiromu Takahashi, who’s back and hopefully stays healthy

I is for IPWF, the throwback promotion that Impact should make a semi-regular thing

J is for Josh Briggs, who’s one of the best guys on the indies today

K is for Kris Statlander, because it’s great to see the The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien getting on TV

L is for the Limitless Keith Lee, join the Leegion

M is for MOX, because wow that reveal video was fantastic

N is for Nov. 1, the Night NXT announced its presence with authority

O is for Orange Cassidy I guess

P is for Phil Brooks, star of Girl on the Third Floor ... aka CM Punk who is back (with FOX, not WWE, I know)

Q is for the Queen Charlotte Flair

R is for REEEGAL! who shouts “WARGAMES!” with proper anger

S is for Schadenfreude and Friends - Britwres ain’t dead, dummies

T is for Timothy Thatcher Just look at him:

Henry T. Casey

U is for Uncharted Territory where Beyond is making stars

V is for Virgil, wait, I mean Soultrain Jones

W is for the Workhorsemen, Anthony Henry and JD Drake, who are going places

X is for Xavier Woods -- get well soon, Creed!

Y is for YES! chants, being brought back in a feud that ties back to Bryan and Wyatt’s history

Z is for Zaxbys for opening their eyes to the true influencer Malcolm Bivens

What are you thankful for, Cagesiders? Pick as many letters as you want!

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