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Getting ready to wrestle in Ultimate X and what AEW means for wrestlers

Brent Brookhouse and “All Ego” Ethan Page are back with another edition of Bitter Boys Club and it’s a big one. In addition to talking about the best movies of 2018 and what we’re excited to see in 2019, we discuss Page’s role in Sunday’s Ultimate X Match at Impact Wrestling: Homecoming. We also talk about what All Elite Wrestling means for wrestlers and wrestling as a whole.

On All Elite Wrestling:

I don’t know if it gets any bigger. (It’s a chance) to make people a lot of money.

I’m going to tell you right now. (The money talk) is true. I heard a rumor, I’m not going to confirm anything and start some dirt sheet nonsense, but they’re definitely offering good money to people who would not normally make that money.

It’s staying power. The money will make guys stay. This is the exciting thing, when WCW came and started throwing money around, how many people left?

I’m excited. I’m locked in with Impact Wrestling, so that’s where you’re seeing me. But for wrestling in general, I’m excited about the landscape changing, opportunities for friends, more money, more openings on the indies for guys to fill that void. Even for guys like myself, Impact talent is allowed to work the independents, so guys getting signed to exclusive contracts is more opportunity for Impact talent to get booked on the independents.

On wrestling in Ultimate X for the X Division title

X Division Championship. Who is the worst X Division champion of all time? I am hoping when I win the title this Sunday, live on PPV, that I go down in history as the worst x Division champion of all time. The reality is, there’s a zero percent chance I’d be the best.

OK, I can say with a small ounce of confidence, I would not be the worst.

That’s a great history. It’s a great lineage. Just to wrestle for the belt is cool, in my opinion.

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