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Cup of coffee in the big time: Competition isn’t a dirty word

Competition is not a dirty word.

Somehow, that point needs to be reenforced every time the idea of a new player at the higher levels of pro wrestling is floated.

All Elite Wrestling has the potential to be competitive as a top end promotion. That obviously doesn’t mean running head-to-head with WWE for “world’s biggest promotion” or anything that strong.

What competition does mean is the ability for a major player to compete financially for talent, work connections for TV deals, etc.

The Khans have incredible personal wealth and all reports are Tony Khan has knowledge of the landscape and a desire to succeed. This is a massive difference from Ring of Honor, with Sinclair ownership that has never fully committed to wrestling.

There’s no guarantee of success for AEW, but they have a core involved group of popular wrestlers who have embraced a different way of doing things to achieve a new level of cultural relevance and ownership with financial resources that dwarf those of Vince McMahon.

It’s a recipe for a landscape-shifting moment in wrestling.

In no way does that mean WWE will be relegated to the number two wrestling promotion in the world in a year, a decade or ever.

But it does mean wrestlers and fans could be in a better place with more options. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Happy 2019, y’all. The world keeps on spinnin’.

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