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Cup of coffee in the big time: PCO’s wild Twitter videos are making wrestling better

Pierre Carl Ouellet, or PCO, is doing something amazing.

At age 50, he’s become the toast of the indies, putting on matches and pulling off moves that just make no earthly sense for a man his age.

As Ethan Page explained on an episode of the Bitter Boys Club podcast after wrestling him in one of PCO’s first high-profile indie matches, PCO doesn’t want to wrestle unless he can completely hold up his end of a match. He’s not collecting a check as a “former WWE superstar” and walking through a 5 minute match, he’s looking to have the best match on the card night in and night out.

But maybe more interesting is watching him try to navigate the waters of his sudden popularity and become a social media presence.

His Twitter has become home of bizarre videos that would look at home on an old Troma Entertainment VHS, such as last night’s gem:

It’s exactly what it says on the tin, PCO has a nail driven into his sinus cavity, drinks some “blood” and “gets electrocuted” before coming back — Frankenstein-style.

In spite of the intended tone, these videos are charming and have become as much a part of the package with PCO. As he explores the art of promoting himself on Twitter, he’s trying to build up a mythology for his character, creating a perfect storm of camp and legitimate entertainment.

He’s going to make a weird video where he gets electrocuted while lifting heavy things, then he’s going to bust his ass in the ring and throw himself around like a crazy person, and wrestling is better for every second of the madness.

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  • Adam Cole is defending the NXT North American Championship at EVOLVE 107, that much we already knew. But now we also know that his opponent is WALTER.
  • UFC President Dana White thinks Brock Lesnar will be back in UFC sooner rather than later, and keeps floating the idea of Lesnar vs. Jon Jones.
  • Speaking of Lesnar, his title reign is getting pretty historic.
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That’s it for today.’s Lashley running Zayn’s obstacle course.

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