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What kind of stress comes with debuting on pay-per-view?

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My podcast co-host Ethan Page is on a good run these days.

If you’ve listened to past Bitter Boys Club episodes, you have heard Page talk about being in a slump a few months back, feeling like he was spinning his wheels rather than continuing forward as was the direction when he parted ways with EVOLVE.

Now, he’s coming off a positive showing during All In Zero Hour, a second tour in Japan working for DDT and, most recently, making his pay-per-view debut for Impact Wrestling. Page teamed with Matt Sydal to take on Willie Mack and Rich Swann.

“[The PPV] was, I want to say very stressful for me because I’ve never done anything that was that time sensitive and important,” Page said on the latest edition of the podcast. “We’re the first match on the pay-per-view, we have a certain amount of time, don’t go over it or you messed the whole show up.

“I’m still on the same stress from being on All In where The Young Bucks didn’t get to have their match. I was like, ‘Oh my god, don’t screw this up.’ It was a huge stress.”

But, there’s some deep meaning in signing with Impact, which has become a product focused on talent tearing it up on the indies instead of the long, long history of attempting to be a second-rate WWE.

Page did a set of tapings previously where he played the goofy lawyer character Chandler Park, but this is something new, a chance to show off his talent as a promo and a worker.

“I’m a TV wrestler,” Page said. “It’s pretty weird. My wife and I watched the Trevor Lee match [from last week’s Impact TV] together on TV and as we’re watching it she turned to me and was like, ‘Are you living your childhood dream right now?’ And yeah, I guess, watching myself on TV as a professional wrestler. She was like, ‘That’s really cool. Not many people get to do that.’ It was like, ‘Damn, we’re having a moment right now.’

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