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Let’s Say Nice Things About... (A Fifth Recap)

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First off, happy Independence Day in the United States and a happy belated Canada Day if you’re Canadian. Or if you claim both, happy both. If you claim neither, happy Tuesday.

For most people around the country, the 4th of July is a holiday, and for quite a few people I’m sure, it’s the last of a really, really, really long weekend.

So since it’ll be quieter than usual around these parts today, we’ll use it to focus on what we’ve most recently said nice things about.

I was going to list everything we’ve done in this feature this year, but you probably don’t want a wall of text for your 4th of July present. So here’s a list of the most recent things Cagesiders said nice things about.

For January and February’s recap, go here. For March, go here. For April, go here. For May, go here.

  1. The thing you hate most in wrestling right now
  2. King of the Ring
  3. WWE in 2008
  4. May recap
  5. Sasha Banks
  6. Paul Heyman
  7. Mick Foley
  8. Roderick Strong
  9. Dean Ambrose
  10. WWE in 2002
  11. Dusty Rhodes
  12. Getting fired from WWE
  13. Extreme Rules 2017
  14. That one finisher you hate
  15. Jobbers
  16. Sami Zayn
  17. House shows
  18. WWE in 2011
  19. WWE 2K17
  20. Tag team breakups
  21. Money in the Bank 2017
  22. Carmella
  23. Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  24. Cody Rhodes
  25. TNA in 2002
  26. Bullet Club
  27. Billy Gunn
  28. Hell in a Cell
  29. DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship
  30. Nikki Cross

If you got a suggestion for who or what should go under the “Let’s Say Nice Things About...” microscope, comment below or tweet @notoriouseddie. Enjoy your holiday! (or Tuesday if it’s not a holiday)

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