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Let’s Say Nice Things About... Your Favorite Thing So Far in Wrestling in 2017

Now more than ever, the world needs a good dose of positivity. We here at Cageside Seats will do our small part to bring that positivity on a daily basis. Throughout the entirety of 2017, we’ll say something nice about wrestling and everything around it, past, present, and future.

As a reminder, only positive comments are allowed here. No negative comments, no troll comments, no back-handed compliments. None of that here. You have the rest of the site for that. Any comments that are not in the spirit of this feature will be flagged, deleted, and posters of said comments may be subjected to a ban.

Well, the year’s half over. I suppose today is as good a time as any to look back on your favorite thing in wrestling so far in 2017.

For me, it was attending not one, but two WWE live events last month. Both of them I attended with the former Baconstrips (who used to do the live blog for RAW before life happened) and Caitlyn (who does the reviews for Total Divas and does the new weekly Social Slam feature—and she co-wrote this Most Important Women in Wrestling countdown thing) and a couple other Cagesiders I cannot remember for the life of me at this second (I know one of them is TheMasterGeek).

Watching wrestling with friends is fun. Watching wrestling when the action’s just a few feet away is even funner. Watching a wrestling show that isn’t terrible with friends is the funnest. I know funner and funnest isn’t a word, but just go with it.

If you have the means (and/or friends, but definitely means cause wrestling shows cost money and such), try and get out to a wrestling show once in a while, whether it’s a big league or a small one. You’ll have a good time, or at least a good story to tell.

Ok, your turn. Say something nice about your favorite thing in wrestling so far this year.

Got a suggestion for a future “Let’s Say Nice Things About...”? Hit me up on the Twitter gimmick @notoriouseddie. I may not always respond, but I will read it.

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