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Let’s Say Nice Things About... Dean Ambrose


In an effort to bring some positivity to professional wrestling—and the world for that matter—Cageside Seats and its community will say nice things about people and things in wrestling every single day throughout 2017.

Remember, only positive comments allowed here. Negativity will not be tolerated, and that includes back-handed compliments and troll comments. Any comments that are not in the spirit of this feature will be flagged, deleted, and posters of said comments may be subjected to a ban.

Today’s subject: WWE Intercontinental, United States, and World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose.

If anyone can play crazy and unhinged to a T, it’s Dean. I may be in the minority, but “prop comic” Dean is not terrible. I present the following as Exhibit A:

You’re lying if you say this wasn’t awesome. Also this was awesome.

Also, he won the heart of Renee Young. That’s aces in my book.

Also seems to get the whole wrestling thing.

Yeah. What he said.

Your turn. Say something nice about Dean Ambrose.

Got a suggestion for a future “Let’s Say Nice Things About...”? Hit me up on the Twitter gimmick @notoriouseddie. I may not always respond, but I promise I will read it.

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