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Let’s Say Nice Things About... (A Fourth Recap)

Nia Jax on Twitter

With a PPV happening this evening (and yeah, I know there’s another one this month), now seems a good time as any to take stock on what we’ve said nice things about over the last few weeks.

For those new to the site, Geno introduced this feature at the beginning of the year as a bit of a diversion of the daily commentary that’s often associated with the fandom in general: cynicism and negativity.

The subjects have been quite diverse: polarizing figures in wrestling, things in wrestling that often get criticized, times and events that get a bad rap, even things worth our praise. Also PPVs and the oddball thing because... reasons.

Below will be a list of the things and people we said nice things about in the month of May. For January and February, go here. For March, go here. For April, go here. On with May.

May 2017

  1. Leva Bates
  2. Mark Henry
  3. Trish Stratus
  4. Payback 2017
  5. Batista
  6. Summer Rae
  7. April recap
  8. Reby Sky
  9. The Hardcore Championship
  10. Mike Adamle
  11. William Regal
  12. Austin Aries
  13. In Your House
  14. Brie Bella
  15. Talking Smack
  16. Kazuchika Okada
  17. Earl Hebner
  18. R-Truth
  19. The Curtain Call
  20. The Ascension
  21. Ruby Riot
  22. Jinder Mahal
  23. Owen Hart
  24. Baron Corbin
  25. Backlash 2017
  26. The Ruthless Aggression Era
  27. Scott Hall
  28. WCW Monday Nitro
  29. Gimmick PPVs
  30. Matt Riddle
  31. Money in the Bank

If you got a suggestion for who or what should go under the “Let’s Say Nice Things About...” microscope, comment below or tweet @notoriouseddie.

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