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Let’s Say Nice Things About... Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell (Wiki)

Now more than ever, the world needs a good dose of positivity. We here at Cageside Seats will do our small part to bring that positivity on a daily basis. Throughout the entirety of 2017, we’ll say something nice about wrestling and everything around it, past, present, and future.

As a reminder, only positive comments are allowed here. No negative comments, no troll comments, no back-handed compliments. None of that here. You have the rest of the site for that. Any comments that are not in the spirit of this feature will be flagged, deleted, and posters of said comments may be subjected to a ban.

Today’s the nineteenth anniversary of one of the most famous matches in wrestling history: the Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Mankind. Today’s subject: Hell in a Cell.

NOTE: This is in reference to both the match type and PPV of the same name.

As a PPV, it’s a break from the monotony and at least a token attempt to make the fall PPVs matter, even a little.

As a match, at its height, it was an absolute last resort. You knew if a feud ended up in the cell, it was going to come to an end, or at the very least it went past the point of no return. Undertaker-HBK. Undertaker-Mankind. Triple H-Cactus Jack. Triple H-Batista. Undertaker-Triple H from Wrestlemania XXVIII. It was brutal. It made people uncomfortable. It’s as good a cage match you’ll see.

Your turn. Say something nice about Hell in a Cell.

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