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cSs 35-Day Challenge (Day 33): Your favorite entrance theme

Austin podcast

Hi! If you're new to Cageside Seats, welcome to the best wrestling community in the galaxy. You could have chosen many other wrestling communities (and you probably have), but you picked this one, and we appreciate that. I think it's time you and I get to know each other a little better. I mean, since you're gonna be here for a while, I hope.

Now through Monday, I will drop a wrestling-related query and you answer. It’s that easy. No right or wrong answer, and best of all, you might actually make a friend or three. Also, respect the answers of others, even if you disagree. Cool? Cool.

I went through more than a month of this and I can’t believe I haven’t asked this question yet. I mean, it’s a standard for every wrestling fan. This one’s for the audiophiles.

What’s your favorite entrance theme?

This can be a current theme or a classic theme.

My choice: the Disturbed remake for Stone Cold Steve Austin’s theme. It was used for less than a year, but that’s an awesome remake for a classic theme. Don’t get me wrong. The classic is top 1% ever. This remake sharpens the edge a bit.

Your turn. Tell us your favorite entrance theme ever is.

Only two days left. Here’s what you’ve missed if you’re just jumping in.

Oh, and if today happens to be the day you’ve discovered this site, please read this Prelude post.

  1. Why do you like wrestling
  2. Your favorite Wrestlemania moment
  3. Your favorite male wrestler right now
  4. Your favorite female wrestler right now
  5. Your favorite male wrestler ever
  6. Your favorite female wrestler ever
  7. Your favorite promo package
  8. What would your custom wrestling T-shirt say?
  9. One wrestler you do not want to be in a locked room with
  10. What wrestler would you want to be for a day?
  11. Your favorite thing in wrestling right now
  12. Your wrestling catchphrase
  13. If you could bring back one dead wrestler...
  14. Your favorite wrestling video game
  15. Your favorite tag team right now
  16. Your favorite tag team ever
  17. Your favorite era in wrestling
  18. Your wrestling patronus
  19. Your favorite wrestling promo
  20. One current wrestler you’re totally over
  21. The most famous wrestler born on your birthday
  22. Your favorite signature move
  23. Your funniest wrestling moment
  24. One lower-carder to push as a one-off main eventer
  25. Your dream Table for 3
  26. Your favorite wrestling event
  27. What bothers you most in wrestling right now?
  28. Has the Internet affected your wrestling enjoyment?
  29. Your dream match
  30. Meeting a wrestler
  31. One storyline do-over
  32. Earliest memory of wrestling

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