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cSs 35-Day Challenge (Day 4): Your favorite female wrestler right now

Asuka’s Instagram

Hi! If you're new to Cageside Seats, welcome to the best wrestling community in the galaxy. You could have chosen many other wrestling communities (and you probably have), but you picked this one, and we appreciate that. I think it's time you and I get to know each other a little better. I mean, since you're gonna be here for a while, I hope.

For the remainder of April and a little bit into May, I will drop a wrestling-related query and you answer. It’s that easy. No right or wrong answer, and best of all, you might actually make a friend or three. Also, respect the answers of others, even if you disagree. Cool? Cool.

Today’s question is one that has certainly been asked a lot in recent years with the rise of women’s wrestling...

Who is your favorite female wrestler right now?

Easy one for me. It’s the undefeated Empress of Tomorrow, your NXT women’s champion for over one calendar year, Asuka. She is, with all due respect to one Gregory Helms, a hurricane in the ring. She’s flirty, cocky, self-assured, and an absolute cold-blooded assassin. Her facial expressions say more than most 20-minute promos ever could. Personally, I hope she’s NXT Women’s Champion forever, even when she eventually lands on Monday or Tuesday nights. The rest of the world will probably boo Asuka, but not me. I’m all in on the Empress.

Your turn. Tell us who your favorite female wrestler right now is.

Just jumping in? Here’s what you missed.


  1. Why do you like wrestling
  2. Your favorite Wrestlemania moment
  3. Your favorite male wrestler right now

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