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cSs 35-Day Challenge (Day 27): What bothers you most in wrestling right now?

Hi! If you're new to Cageside Seats, welcome to the best wrestling community in the galaxy. You could have chosen many other wrestling communities (and you probably have), but you picked this one, and we appreciate that. I think it's time you and I get to know each other a little better. I mean, since you're gonna be here for a while, I hope.

For the remainder of April... which I guess is today, now that I think about... and a little bit into May, I will drop a wrestling-related query and you answer. It’s that easy. No right or wrong answer, and best of all, you might actually make a friend or three. Also, respect the answers of others, even if you disagree. Cool? Cool.

STANDARD INTERNET WRESTLING COMPLAINING POST ALERT! Thought I should warn you now before you go in. I feel like this should be in a box or something.

Who or what bothers you most in wrestling right now?

Three things for me:

(1) the commentary, though this doesn’t bother me nearly as much since I watch most wrestling these days with the volume down or on mute. But it does bother me in WWE that the commentary team can ignore large portions of a (and sometimes the entire) match just so they could get their lame jokes in or Vince McMahon could push the big storyline or some merch or something or other unrelated.

(2) the continuity. Or for that matter, a lack of it. A lack of attention to detail. Many television shows hire these people call continuity editors for the sole purpose of making sure events in a story bridge together while still making sense. I have this weird feeling most wrestling doesn’t have these people on their staff.

(3) and the biggest one for me, the 50-50 booking. When most everyone on the roster is booked to have around the same place in the pecking order, nobody stands out. They’re simply interchangeable parts. It’s like the Syndrome... Syndrome. His diabolical plan in The Incredibles is to give everyone in the world superpowers, because if everyone’s a superhero, no one’s a superhero. If nobody stands out, nobody’s a star.

Ok, your turn. Sound off on what or who bothers you the most in wrestling right now.

Tomorrow begins the fifth and final week of the 35-Day Challenge. See what you missed below, and check out the Prelude post if you’re new to the Cageside Community.

  1. Why do you like wrestling
  2. Your favorite Wrestlemania moment
  3. Your favorite male wrestler right now
  4. Your favorite female wrestler right now
  5. Your favorite male wrestler ever
  6. Your favorite female wrestler ever
  7. Your favorite promo package
  8. What would your custom wrestling T-shirt say?
  9. One wrestler you do not want to be in a locked room with
  10. What wrestler would you want to be for a day?
  11. Your favorite thing in wrestling right now
  12. Your wrestling catchphrase
  13. If you could bring back one dead wrestler...
  14. Your favorite wrestling video game
  15. Your favorite tag team right now
  16. Your favorite tag team ever
  17. Your favorite era in wrestling
  18. Your wrestling patronus
  19. Your favorite wrestling promo
  20. One current wrestler you’re totally over
  21. The most famous wrestler born on your birthday
  22. Your favorite signature move
  23. Your funniest wrestling moment
  24. One lower-carder to push as a one-off main eventer
  25. Your dream Table for 3
  26. Your favorite wrestling event

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