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cSs 35-Day Challenge (Day 14): Your favorite wrestling video game

Hi! If you're new to Cageside Seats, welcome to the best wrestling community in the galaxy. You could have chosen many other wrestling communities (and you probably have), but you picked this one, and we appreciate that. I think it's time you and I get to know each other a little better. I mean, since you're gonna be here for a while, I hope.

For the remainder of April and a little bit into May, I will drop a wrestling-related query and you answer. It’s that easy. No right or wrong answer, and best of all, you might actually make a friend or three. Also, respect the answers of others, even if you disagree. Cool? Cool.

Today’s question is for the gamers of the community.

What’s your favorite wrestling video game?

I have three favorites, actually. But my #1 is one I still play occasionally to this day, WWE 2K14. I play it for its 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode and the Streak mode. Plus, until the most recent model (and next year’s I imagine), it’s probably the best roster for a video game in recent memory. And the creator suite is top-notch. I

From the past, I go with WWF No Mercy for the Nintendo 64 (I’m still amazed people are making mods for the game a decade and a half later) and Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain for its perfect mix of arcade and simulation play. And its wicked awesome roster.

What’s your favorite wrestling video game?

Catch up on the 35-Day Challenge here, and if you’re new to the community, I encourage you check out the Prelude post.


  1. Why do you like wrestling
  2. Your favorite Wrestlemania moment
  3. Your favorite male wrestler right now
  4. Your favorite female wrestler right now
  5. Your favorite male wrestler ever
  6. Your favorite female wrestler ever
  7. Your favorite promo package
  8. What would your custom wrestling T-shirt say?
  9. One wrestler you do not want to be in a locked room with
  10. What wrestler would you want to be for a day?
  11. Your favorite thing in wrestling right now
  12. Your wrestling catchphrase
  13. If you could bring back one dead wrestler...

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