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cSs 35-Day Challenge (Day 6): Your favorite female wrestler ever

Hi! If you're new to Cageside Seats, welcome to the best wrestling community in the galaxy. You could have chosen many other wrestling communities (and you probably have), but you picked this one, and we appreciate that. I think it's time you and I get to know each other a little better. I mean, since you're gonna be here for a while, I hope.

For the remainder of April and a little bit into May, I will drop a wrestling-related query and you answer. It’s that easy. No right or wrong answer, and best of all, you might actually make a friend or three. Also, respect the answers of others, even if you disagree. Cool? Cool.

Another one from the classic wrestler fan catalog for today...

Who is your favorite female wrestler ever?

For me, I have two.

First, Trish Stratus. I know, a fitness model that transitioned to the business. Blasphemy, right? Well, that idea came from the success of Trish Stratus. When she debuted in 2000, she could not bump to save her life. She was eye candy. That's it. Nothing wrong with that. Some in the business have had great success being eye candy. But Trish wanted to be remembered for being more that, and she worked hard for it. She to me is the bridge between the WWE women of the 20th century and the WWE women of the 21st century. Her hard work made her perhaps the most successful mainstream women's wrestler since The Fabulous Moolah. Maybe ever. And she'll probably be more favorably remembered. Who am I kidding? There's no probably about it.

Second is one I discovered a couple years ago: Manami Toyota. At the height of her popularity, which came overseas in the mid-1990s, Manami Toyota was a five-star match waiting to happen. She could have probably gotten a four-star match at least from just about anybody after rolling out of bed. How good is Manami? She is the only woman to win the Outstanding Wrestler of the Year award from Wrestling Observer Newsletter. In 1995, she finished third for Wrestler of the Year from the same publication. She has fourteen five-star matches. Fourteen. Ric Flair by comparison has six. I wish I discovered Manami sooner. Because her American debut came in my hometown of Baltimore six years ago. If you got a few minutes, look up a Manami Toyota match from the mid-1990s. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

My favorite female wrestler right now is rapidly moving up the list though...

Your turn now. Who is your favorite female wrestler ever?

No, seriously. One week really is in the books now.


  1. Why do you like wrestling
  2. Your favorite Wrestlemania moment
  3. Your favorite male wrestler right now
  4. Your favorite female wrestler right now
  5. Your favorite male wrestler ever
  6. Your favorite female wrestler ever
  7. Your favorite promo package

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