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Will You Hate-Watch Wrestlemania?

How will you watch Wrestlemania this weekend?

This is a question that will be asked by people young and old, hardcore and casual, smart and dumb, even fan and non-fan. It's the one day a year where people who couldn't tell you a wristlock from a wristwatch try to watch wrestling for a few hours. It's indeed like the Super Bowl in a lot of ways: it's more than just the wrestling itself that brings the people in as much as you do not want to admit this.

Meanwhile, many diehard fans will watch the show with perhaps disdain, anger, and disgust with the hope that their worst fears are confirmed just so they can voice their feelings to others that feel the same. Then do it all over again Monday. This, boys and girls, is known as hate-watching.

And this applies to any TV show: you watch it for the sole purpose of hating it. You enjoy the negative emotions that get into your head. You enjoy mocking it. You enjoy criticizing it. And you go back to it again and again and again even as you say you want to swear it off. We've all done it. Hell, we've probably all done it with WWE in the last few years.

But we also hope-watch, watching with the belief that something good will come out of what we believe to be awful. Because we want to be there when WWE reaches the heights of popularity it did some twenty and thirty years ago. Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things. But it is also a dangerous thing. It can drive a person insane. We've all done that too. Many of us still do it.

So how will you watch Wrestlemania 33 this weekend? Are you taking the watch-and-see approach? Are you hate-watching? Are you hope-watching? Sound off below. And vote too. Do that.

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