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Let’s Say Nice Things About: Jim Cornette

Use the comment section below to say something, anything, nice about Jim Cornette. There is NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED. Any negative comment will be deleted and, if need be, we will ban users who attempt to rain on the positivity parade here.

I’ll start:

Remember, your boy is old. So as much as his current podcast commentator persona is what’s in the news now, I still remember reading about Cornette and the Midnight Express tarring & feathering Magnum TA in Apter mags I got at my corner newstand back in the 80s. Whether or not you think his present-day ideas about how to generate heat are outdated, make no mistake... from Mid-South through to his 90s runs with WWF &WCW, Corny was gifted with an ability to inspire pure hatred from fans in the best possible way.

Your turn.

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