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Let’s Say Nice Things About: Michael Cole

Use the comment section below to say something, anything, nice about Michael Cole. There is NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED. Any negative comment will be deleted and, if need be, we will ban users who attempt to rain on the positivity parade here.

I’ll start:

In addition to the notion that Cole is pretty darn good without Vince McMahon in his ear (e.g. 2015’s Beast in the East WWE Network special), he’s also produced some great calls on regular broadcasts. Off the top of my head, moments like Mankind winning the title when Cole said he’d won it for everyone who’d ever been told “you can’t do it” and WrestleMania 30 - both Brock Lesnar ending Undertaker’s Streak and Daniel Bryan’s win - were enhanced by his commentary.

I’m looking forward to seeing how he does on the United Kingdom Championship Tournament calling some British grappling with Nigel McGuinness this weekend.

Your turn.

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