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Let’s Say Nice Things About: Tom Phillips

This is the debut of a series of articles that will run all the way through the end of 2017. Each day, we’re going to find something nice to say about someone/something in professional wrestling.

We’ll start with Tom Phillips, because dear friend of the site, Julie Simon, asked that we begin with one of her favorites. She may have also bribed us with the promise of wrestling themed cookies.

So here’s the deal: Use the comment section below to say something, anything, nice about Tom Phillips. There is NO NEGATIVITY ALLOWED. Any negative comment will be deleted and, if need be, we will ban users who attempt to rain on the positivity parade here.

I’ll start.


Phillips is a solid commentator who has grown quite a bit since he first broke on the scene. His true strength, however, is playing the straight man in comedy bits with the likes of Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, and Titus O’Neil. Because of the former two, I’m not even entirely sure Tom Phillips is his real name and I will forever laugh at Tom being such a professional that he was the only one to show up to O’Neil’s press conferences pushing the “Titus brand.” He even raised his hand before asking a question, despite being the only person there! What a guy!

Your turn!

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