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Cageside Countdown Nomination Thread: Most Shocking Wrestler Exits

Last week, the people of the United Kingdom (and that, I mean primarily the old people) shocked the world when they voted to break away from the European Union. The Brexit, as it's been called, has wide-spreading consequences that are already being felt.

That feeling's nothing new if you're a wrestling fan; after all, the fallout of a wrestler leaving, whether they're fired, walk out, quit, retired, or other, when a wrestler leaves, it's hard not to notice.

But what's the most shocking wrestler exit of all time?

I know this will be kind of confusing and all, so here are a few rules to lessen the confusion and chaos.

  • First and foremost, we're talking about legitimate wrestler exits, as in wrestlers really leaving the company.
  • This includes a wrestler leaving on account of quitting, getting fired, having their contract lapse, walking out on their company while still under contract, or retiring.
  • Second, we're counting all major wrestling promotions, and even minor ones will be considered depending on the story of how they left.
  • Third, we're only considering wrestler exits that were at least kind of a big deal. Basically exits that left at least some hole on the roster.
  • Fourth, please include both the wrestler and the company they left (and if possible, when); for example: Nominate - CM Punk-WWE, 2014. Yes, please include the Nominate in your nomination.
  • Oh, and this is important: defend your nomination. Don't assume everyone knows what you're talking about. So, even a little synopsis on how or why a wrestler left may make the difference between cracking the countdown and missing it altogether.
  • See something you agree with? Give it a rec. That's how the countdown's made.
  • Only the first nomination of a wrestler and the company they left (and year) will be considered. Repeat nominations will not. So hit that CTRL-F or CMD-F before putting in that nomination to make sure you're not repeating.

Nominations close 24 hours from date and time of post, with the countdown to go up this weekend. I promise this weekend. I have an extra day off; I'm pretty sure I can churn something out.

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