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Your Post of Positivity

Truth be told, I had this written all in my head last night. But I forgot most of it in the six hours I was asleep. So I'll just go from the heart if that's okay with you guys.

In case you've been away from electronics in the last 36 hours, a shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub will go down in history as the deadliest mass shooting in American history. And by the time the final tally is complete, there may be more deaths from this shooting than the next two deadliest mass shootings ever combined.

There's no way to spin this other than the following two words: THAT. SUCKS.

Regardless of how you feel about LGBT people, a bunch of people went to that nightclub to have a good time and go home. Every person who came out of that club that night alive had their lives forever altered. So are their friends, families, and other loved ones. It's even worse for the loved ones of those tragically killed, for they too must carry the weight of the events for at least the foreseeable future.

I'm not going to tell you how you should feel or how long you should grieve for or that you're wrong for feeling that way. That's your business. If seven billion people could descend on Orlando or wherever the next tragedy like this happens and give more than their thoughts and prayers, they would. If seven billion people could donate their time or their money to the victims' families affected by these events, they would. You and I both know that. If real change is gonna come of this tragedy, it will. But not even I am holding my breath on that one.

So instead, today, I send the following message to whoever is reading this: appreciate life. And not just today, but everyday. If you've woke up this morning, then quite frankly, you're already ahead. Love one another. Take care of one another. Be there for one another. While we may not all agree on the one thing that brings us together, that being pro wrestling, the one thing that binds us is that we're all human, and the least we can do is look out for each other.

It shouldn't take a massive loss of life like yesterday for us to see that. But it often does.

Like previous Posts of Positivity, right down there in the comments below, let us know what is good in your life right now, no matter how small it is. Or if you're having trouble finding that little bit of light in your life, go ahead and drop that in too. We got your back. And if you're the praying type (and it's totally cool if you're not), let's not just pray for the people of Orlando.

Pray for humanity.

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