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cSs 30 Day Challenge 2016, Day 30: One thing in wrestling in the next year

Chikara holding a Make-A-Wish fundraiser in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley
Chikara holding a Make-A-Wish fundraiser in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley
The Morning Call

This is it! Congratulations! After today, you have made it through the Cageside Seats 30 Day Challenge. Hopefully, this has been a fun experience for you and maybe you've gotten to know someone better.

Let's finish strong. Here's your question of the day.

What's one thing you want to see in wrestling in the next twelve months?

One thing I want to see: a main storyline in WWE that doesn't involve the McMahons. There are generations of wrestling fans that have never known a McMahon to be the center of the WWE Universe. It's about time they experience it, if only for a little bit.

Your turn. What do you want to see in the wrestling world in the next year?


The 30 Day Challenge is a wrap. I'll do a wrap-up post this weekend. Here's this year's 30 Day Challenge.

  1. Why do you like wrestling?
  2. Favorite Wrestlemania moment
  3. Favorite male wrestler now
  4. Favorite female wrestler now
  5. Favorite wrestling photo
  6. Your entrance theme
  7. Favorite entrance theme
  8. If you can stop one event in wrestling history...
  9. Funniest wrestling moment
  10. The wrestlers you miss most
  11. Favorite wrestling event ever
  12. Favorite era in wrestling
  13. Favorite promo ever
  14. Favorite championship belt
  15. What bothers you most in wrestling?
  16. Your unpopular wrestling opinion
  17. Favorite match ever
  18. Favorite thing in wrestling right now
  19. Wrestlers you overgrew
  20. Favorite signature move
  21. First memory of wrestling
  22. Favorite male wrestler ever
  23. Favorite female wrestler ever
  24. Favorite tag team ever
  25. Favorite stable
  26. Favorite manager ever
  27. Has the Internet affected your wrestling enjoyment?
  28. Your dream tag team
  29. Your dream match

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