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Cageside Countdown Nomination Thread: Best And Worst Reveals in Wrestling History

One of the greatest tools to hook wrestling fans in the modern age is the reveal. It has been for a couple generations, or at the very least since wrestling and television came together.

It's simple: the promoter hooks the viewer or fan by teasing something huge that is imminent, whether it's a new roster member, a mystery partner, a new championship, or a huge plot twist for example. The hook can be for a day, a week, a few weeks, even a few months. Then the big moment.

Sometimes you get something like this...

Sometimes you get something like this.

Ugh. Makes me vomit a little bit.

But what are the best and worst wrestling reveals ever?

We're asking you for this edition of Cageside Countdown! This week, it's a doubleheader! But the rules still apply.

  • For clarification, for your moment to be considered, it has to be something that was unknown prior to the reveal, then teased for some period of time, then made known in a big (or at least significant) reveal.
  • And of course, some visual proof of said reveal has to exist, whether it be in a picture or a video.
  • If your moment passes those two criteria, nominate your moment by writing in the subject box Nominate (best) - your best reveal (for best reveal) or Nominate (worst) - your worst reveal (for worst reveal). YOUR NOMINATION MUST INCLUDE THE WORD BEST OR WORST OR IT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. It is also recommended that you use separate comments for best and worst nominations. And of course in the comment box, a picture or video link or some sort of proof the reveal happened.
  • See something you like? Give it a rec; that's how the countdown's made.
  • As always, multiple nominations of the same moment in the same category will not count. Only the recs with the first nomination will be considered, so kindly use CTRL-F or CMD-F before nominating your moment, especially if you're late to the thread.
Nominations close 24 hours from date and time of post. So... get it in, ladies and fellas!

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