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cSs 30 Day Challenge 2016, Day 27: The internet, wrestling, and you

Howdy, and thanks for choosing Cageside Seats for your pro wrestling news and commentary needs. You've had and still have your choice for your pro wrestling needs, and you picked us, and we honestly appreciate it. We really do. So, since you're here, can we get to know you better? You know, like pick the wrestling side of your brain? Cool.

Today's question I'm sure will spark a debate or three, so try to keep it civil, okay?

Has the Internet affected your enjoyment of wrestling?

In a word, yes.

Both good and bad. The good: there's nothing better than watching great wrestling with people who are just as passionate about wrestling as you are. The bad: the breaking it down can be excruciating and soul-sucking. Sometimes I just need to step back and enjoy it because not everyone enjoys it on the same level I do.

Now you. Has the Internet affected your enjoyment of wrestling? Why or why not? This should make for some interesting discussion.


We're almost done with the 30 Day Challenge. Here's what you've missed (or here's what you can look back on).

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  1. Why do you like wrestling?
  2. Favorite Wrestlemania moment
  3. Favorite male wrestler now
  4. Favorite female wrestler now
  5. Favorite wrestling photo
  6. Your entrance theme
  7. Favorite entrance theme
  8. If you can stop one event in wrestling history...
  9. Funniest wrestling moment
  10. The wrestlers you miss most
  11. Favorite wrestling event ever
  12. Favorite era in wrestling
  13. Favorite promo ever
  14. Favorite championship belt
  15. What bothers you most in wrestling?
  16. Your unpopular wrestling opinion
  17. Favorite match ever
  18. Favorite thing in wrestling right now
  19. Wrestlers you overgrew
  20. Favorite signature move
  21. First memory of wrestling
  22. Favorite male wrestler ever
  23. Favorite female wrestler ever
  24. Favorite tag team ever
  25. Favorite stable
  26. Favorite manager ever

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