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cSs 30 Day Challenge 2016: Day 3: Favorite Male Wrestler

Hi! Congratulations for choosing Cageside Seats as your wrestling community. It's the best wrestling community in the galaxy, and if you disagree, I will fight you.

Sorry. I digress. Anyway, welcome if you're new. Since you're here now, we might as well get to know each other better. The way we'll do that is the Cageside Seats 30 Day Challenge. For the remainder of April (and a little bit into May), I'll ask a different wrestling-related question. And you answer. There are no wrong answers here, but I do ask you answer honestly and respect other people's answers. You can handle that, yes?

Good. Here's today's question.

Who is your favorite male wrestler right now?

Seeing that my favorite from a year ago has now retired (Daniel Bryan Danielson), I guess I need a new favorite.

Kevin Owens.

The family man with the body of a fullback and the agility of a wide receiver also happens to have a gift of gab to match. And he carries said gift of gab over to his social media accounts. Owens truly is a national treasure, and God willing, he will be entertaining WWE audiences for years to come. Part of me hopes he never turns face, but it's gonna happen eventually. And he's gonna be pretty awesome as a face too.

Ok, your turn. Who is your favorite male wrestler right now?


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