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Cageside Countdown Nomination Thread: Wrestlers for President

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On November 8, Americans will head to their neighborhood polls and decide their forty-fifth President, and by all accounts, they will have to decide between historically unfavorable candidates. It’s like having to choose between two divorced parents that the kids want nothing to do with. (I can’t take credit for that one. But I had to use it.)

Now I’m not here to tell you who you should vote for; your preference is your business, but it’s never too early to prepare for 2020, you know, as good a time as any to have a wrestler in the White House.

But what wrestler would make the best President?

I know that the Constitution has a bunch of requirements for qualification (35 years old, natural born citizen, having lived in the US for 14 years at least). Let’s throw all that out.

For the purpose of this countdown, there are only two requirements: (1) they have to have wrestled at least one match and (2) they must be living. No use in having a dead President. It doesn’t matter where they were born or how old they are.

If your guy or gal meets these requirements, write Nominate - your wrestler for President in the subject box. Then in the comment box, write why your choice would make a good President. It doesn’t even have to be a serious reason.

We’re doing this just for fun, so let’s not turn this into a political discussion. There are MANY other places on the Internet for you to do that.

See a comment you like? Give it a rec; that’s how the countdown is made.

Speaking of countdowns, I do promise to finish that 50 Most Important Days in Wrestling History soon. But I figure I do this one now with the election coming up. Oh, and nominations close 24 hours from date and time of post. So pull that lever, push that button, fill in that hole with a #2 pencil and punch those chads. Let’s get a wrestler in the White House.

EDIT: Kindly make sure you’re not nominating someone else that has been nominated already by using the CTRL-F or CMD-F combo. Only recs from the first instance of a nomination will count. Repeats will not. Understandable mistake if the difference is a couple minutes, but inexcusable if it’s more than that. Least you can do is look.