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My WWE Best Friend Forever: Xavier Woods

As a fan of a majority of the current WWE roster, both main and developmental, I often get personally invested in the characters I see on the screen. I must admit to being a huge mark for the camaraderie among the men and women who risk bodily harm to entertain me on a weekly basis. But some personalities that I have seen outside of the kayfabe landscape of WWE connect with me much more than others.

I am a huge fan of Up Up Dwn Dwn , which is Xavier Woods’ YouTube channel. I confess to watching videos at least three times a week, sometimes more depending on the content. I was something of a gamer when I was younger and I enjoy watching the WWE Superstars bond and bicker while playing against each other. It paints a very lovely picture of the locker room in my eyes. I get that it does not tell the complete story of the dynamic backstage but I will not lie and tell you that it has not endeared me to the people who appear on the channel either.

The person the channel has most endeared me to has been Xavier himself. Hosting as Austin Creed, he shows a side of him that expands on his in-ring persona. He is very witty and intelligent. He seems to be very easy going, kind-hearted, and just generally fun to hang around. While I watching one of his videos, he started talking about a lot of people assume because he is black and has muscles, there is no way he could be into "nerd culture" like cosplaying and gaming and things of that nature.

That is when it hit me.

If I could be BFFs with any WWE Superstar, it would be Xavier Woods. We are around the same age. He have similar senses of humor. We both connect with all different types of people and, most importantly, our interests in entertainment and pop culture are so similar, it’s kind of eerie. And I am not speaking about anything romantic here. I am describing a strictly platonic bond. He feels like the brother I never had and always wanted (Um, full disclosure, I technically have three brothers but I barely know any of them).


How about you, my fellow Cagesiders? Who in the wide World of wrestling would you think could be your potential BFF, you know, if you actually weren’t total strangers?

Also, I realize not everyone is a total WWE mark like I am so there is no need to limit yourself to just WWE. Heck, don’t even limit yourself to current wrestlers. Or just one. It’s all in good fun, after all!

Hit up the comment section. I will definitely be interested in who you’d choose.

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