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Your Return of The Weekly Post of Positivity

Ok, I admit. It's been a while. Life and all that. I'm surprised I didn't throw this up right after Royal Rumble. Maybe because people didn't react to it nearly as badly as they did the last two years, which quite honestly, it's a miracle. Or maybe we're just numb to the fact that it's the Rumble, and the E can't get it right anymore. Or the E can't get anything right anymore (both of which may or may not be true depending on who you ask).

Ok, time for some full disclosure (full disclosure that a lot of you, especially regular visitors of this site already know): the Rumble is the first time I've watched significant minutes of main roster WWE since last August. Surely I've kept up with the goings on through this site here and the rest of the net, but like a lot of you, I've grown frustrated to the point where I'm not sure how much longer my fandom will hold out. Keep in mind: I've blindly sat through the New Generation Era, parts of WCW 2000, basically the last ten years, and nearly all the bad parts of TNA.

So surely the natural question you'll probably ask is why you stick around. Sunday night at around 9:50pm ET is why.

In the last 24 hours, The Rock's return appearance on RAW has drawn quite the line in the sand. Some people enjoyed it because, hey, it's the Rock, and he's a big deal. Others not so much because the schtick that worked for him in his wrestling heyday doesn't fit now.

Which I guess brings me to my message of the week: enjoy what you enjoy because you enjoy it. If you don't like something that someone else likes, so be it. Don't guilt trip them into not liking it. I mean, within reason, of course. Like for example, if you like inflicting pain on animals, we're gonna have a problem. But if you like Total Divas for example, go ahead and enjoy the hell out of it. Don't let me or others spoil your fun. Let's be honest: there's not a lot of things we can enjoy in this world without someone going into a full-on guilt trip about it. But you have fun with it... as long as it's not harming people and animals and such. Then we're gonna have a fight.

Ok, enough chit-chat. How about some good news in your life? Share!

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