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(Not) Top 5 Hits: Current WWE Main Roster (#3)

Once again, it's time to sound off on your (not) top five things in wrestling. Today, we pick our least favorite wrestlers currently working on the WWE main roster.

Because lists are the best thing in the world, it's time to talk about our least favorite wrestlers currently on WWE's main roster. About six months ago we did just that, so looking at today's roster; has your list changed any?

I'll get this train moving with my (not) top five...


#5 - Charlotte

I know, you're probably thinking; "there's plenty others that could be on this list over Charlotte" and I wouldn't disagree with you. The main problem I have with Charlotte is for whatever reason - Flair - she's getting the first big push over Sasha Bank and Becky Lynch on the main roster. It's obvious crowds love Sasha and Becky absolutely pops off the screen, but instead awkward Charlotte gets the nod. I'm not the only one who gets awkward vibes from her, right? Her promos are shaky at best, and while her in-ring abilities are better than a lot of the other women, she's not as great as advertised. Much prefer heel Charlotte, as a face, she's Randy Orton bland.

#4 - Big Show

Last time around, Big Show was #2 on my list and has fallen thanks to his dropped status to mid-card. I'm glad he's no longer taking up time in the main event scene, but now he's mucking up the Intercontinental title scene. I - and I'm sure most of you - just don't care anymore, it's really that simple.

#3 - Brie Bella

It's fairly well known that Brie Bella's talent have stalled out over the past year. In the ring she's basically going through the motions and her promos are so bad they have become good, okay maybe not good, but really funny. Now that the recent NXT call-ups have landed her lack of talent has been even more exposed. Crowds do not want her in the ring, and she just doesn't measure up to the new blood. "Brie Mode" might be the worst catchphrase on the entire roster. Although screaming "Brie Mode", attempting a missile drop kick, and landing flat on her mug might be the best spot on the entire roster.

#2 - King Barrett

"Bad News" Barrett, King Barrett, "Cosmic" King Barrett, Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake Barrett; seriously, how many gimmicks is this guy going to get? Part of the problem has been Creative's incredibly inconsistent booking of all of his gimmicks. Again, I'm at the point where I just don't care, he's become a channel changer, a bathroom break, and a reason to root for whoever faces him.

#1 - Ryback

Three times in a row at this spot; long live the king! Part of my criteria with this list is how often an annoying wrestler shows up on TV. Although Ryback was out with a staph infection in his knee, being the Intercontinental champion brings him around every single week. Being tied to Big Show is never a good thing, but when he won that IC strap at Elimination Chamber, wrestling fans did a collective "meh". Aside from a chant or two, fans are still not invested in "The Big Guy" and quite frankly the IC title has continued to suffer immensely as it's the least respectable among all the titles. At least now he may have an interesting feud with Kevin Owens, who should become the new champ in a month or so. If that doesn't happen than Creative is just plain "stupid!"

Off the list:

Cameron - She has completely disappeared from TV, which is totally okay.

The Ascension - Again, they make only a few notable appearances now, although their alliance with Stardust is intriguing.

Curtis Axel - Hogan getting bounced from WWE might be the best thing to happen to Curtis. Where he goes from here, I have no idea.


Let's see your list!

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