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Top 5 Hits: Current WWE Roster (#3)

Cagesiders sound off on their top five things in wrestling. Today, we pick our favorite wrestlers currently working on the WWE main roster.

About seven months ago we sounded off on our favorite people on WWE's main roster. Today, we revisit that same topic! Has your list changed any?

I'll get this train moving with my top five...


#5 - Cesaro

A lot has happened over the past seven months and when picking my top five I realized it had completely changed. Starting with Cesaro, who has since lost partner-in-crime Tyson Kidd to injury, has been putting on amazing matches with the likes of Kevin Owens, John Cena, and Rusev.
He's a face that's quite over with the fans thanks to his ridiculous strength and verbose celebrations. Although he's getting more TV time a push is not exactly in order with his recent string of losses. Nonetheless he's someone who I always tune in for, no matter the opponent...except Big Show. Just kidding Big Show, we love ya!

No, we don't, please go away.

#4 - John Cena

If it weren't for his overall gimmick and most of his promos, Cena would be even higher on my list. His run as U.S. champion was absolutely awesome thanks to his "U.S. Open Challenge". He's been so impressive that "Wrestler of the Year" is possibly in his future. At 38, he showed no signs of slowing down and I'm at the point where I look forward to every single one of his matches. I did have to deduct a point for the springboard stunner, more.

#3 - Kevin Owens

Even though there are rumors of the higher-ups trying to keep Owens down, he continues to impress as one of WWE's few legit heels. Everything about him is refreshing, from the moves in his matches to his promos ripping on Michael Cole's ability to commentate.
If you follow him on Twitter - and you should - he's got that on lock down as well. Owens just gets wrestling, and I enjoy all of the detail work he puts in while on-screen.

#2 - Sasha Banks

Aside from her classic match against Bayley - which technically doesn't count since that's NXT - she has been the most impressive woman in this whole "Divas Revolution" storyline. Crowds have completely taken to her and she is just a natural fit on the main roster. Not only does Sasha have the gimmick, in-ring skills, and promo ability down, but she has great merchandise. Between the "Legit Boss" rings/shirt and the stunner shades how can she not become main event material? Seriously, put her in a PPV main event!

#1 - The New Day

I cannot remember a time when I went from hating to absolutely loving a gimmick in such a short period of time. Is it just me, or does it feel like WWE just basically told these three to go out and do whatever they like in a very troll-like fashion? These guys are so positively annoying and it's been a joy to watch. They are so completely random that I have no idea what they will do from week to week. Big E's funny side is finally on display for live and TV audience. Kofi Kingston actually shows personality now, complete with that joyful skip clap. The real star here though is Xavier Woods, which is a tribute to his talent; remember when he first joined the main roster? Ugh. He's literally become the best ringside attraction in the entire company. #TricepMeat

Off the List:

Naomi - Still enjoy her work, has disappeared over the past few months.

Rusev/Lana - No...just no.

Dean Ambrose - Has become a bit bland; needs to turn heel or something.

Seth Rollins - Fun to watch in the ring, but being a "cowardly" champion hasn't been that great long term.

Dolph Ziggler - Ziggles was #1 last time around, but no real push and this awful love story he's in now has made me lose almost all interest in him.


Let's see your list!

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