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Cageside Countdown Nomination Thread: Best Smackdown Moments Ever

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And now for something that may have passed you by: Smackdown turned sixteen a little over a week ago. The show that brought professional wrestling back to network television (for a while anyway) has had some pretty awesome moments in its decade and a half on the air (for more proof of this, see The Best of Smackdown 10th Anniversary DVD collection—it's less than $10 on Amazon and totally worth it).

The series once dubbed "the hottest action-adventure series on television" and "TV that's changing Friday nights" has fallen on hard times in recent years, but it still has a loyal following, even if it's it not much of one these days. Nonetheless, some of wrestling's greatest moments in recent memory have come on Tuesdays (the night the show is taped, except for the occasional live special).

But what is the greatest moment in Smackdown history?

That's where you come in. Because we're leaving that decision to you for this week's Cageside Countdown. Here are the rules.

  • First, for the moment to qualify, the moment you're nominating must have originally occurred on Smackdown. It doesn't count if the moment happened on any other show, then was replayed on Smackdown. That means any episode of Smackdown from its debut on August 29, 1999 to today is eligible. Anything from the pilot episode a few months prior, albeit considered not a part of official Smackdown canon, is eligible.
  • Second, the moment must have occurred during the two-hour time period of the show (8-10pm ET). So, sorry, no Smackdown Fallout or Smackdown Backstage Pass moments or any other post-show shenanigans. Or pre-show shenanigans either.
  • If your moment meets these requirements, in the subject box, write Nominate - your favorite Smackdown moment here. In the comment box, put in either a brief description of the moment, a picture of the moment, or most preferably, a video link to the moment.
  • See a moment you like? Give it a rec; that's how the countdown is made. To avoid nominating a moment multiple times, use CTRL-F or CMD-F to find a moment you might be nominating. Only the first nomination of that moment will be counted for recs.
  • Nominations close at 4pm ET Tuesday, with the countdown to go up later in the week. Yes, I know I still have a countdown that has to go up. That'll be up on Monday. Honest. Unless we get bombarded with BREAKING NEWS yet again.

Got it? Everybody on the ground! Get nominating, you beautiful people!

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