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The ABC's of Pro Wrestling

Let's get completely random with the help of those wonderful ABC's.

In the U.S. most students have started school (or will very soon), so in celebration of those sleepy scholars let's talk some wrestling, with the help of the ABC's.


A is for "AJ" as in...AJ Styles is having a fantastic year post-TNA and is gunning for "Wrestler of the Year".

B is for "Battlefied" as in...Daniel Bryan called WWE's PPV Battleground "battlefield" during an episode of Tough Enough.

C is for "Car" as in...Brock Lesnar just hit a fan with a piece of a car door!

D is for "Dario" as in...Dario Cueto is the best authority figure in wrestling today.

E is for "Eva" as in...stop fighting it, and just bow down to Eva Marie; future champion.

F is for "Fired" as in...Sean is totally getting fired when Geno gets back.

G is for "G1" as in...the G1 Climax 25 tournament was absolutely amazing!

H is for "Heel" as in...Find me on Twitter: @HeelDoors :)

I is for "I" as in...I can't believe TNA is still going.

J is for "J & J" as in...can J & J Security come back, please?

K is for "Kane" as in...ugh, it's Kane...

L is for "Lucha" as in...if Lucha Underground doesn't return, I have no idea what will become of my life...

M is for "Melissa" as in...if Melissa Santos doesn't return, I have no idea what will become of my life...

N is for "New" as in New...Day Rocks!

O is for "Open" as in...The "U.S. Open Challenge" was consistently Raw's best segment this year.

P is for "Pageant" as in...Batista's pageant wave was a fantastic goodbye, and we miss him!

Q is for "Que" as in...Que?


S is for "Sasha" as in...Sasha Banks is everything great about pro wrestling.

T is for "TNA" as seriously, how is TNA still going?

U is for "Ugh" as in...Ugh, Raw is starting with another 15 minute Triple H or Seth Rollins promo. Seriously, just once could they just start the show with backstage insanity that spills out to the ring area?

V is for "Viktor" as in...Viktor and Konnor are on? *changes channel*

W is for "What?" as in...The "What?" chant needs to be banned from every arena in the entire world.

X is for "Xavier" as in...Xavier Woods: Best Ringside Attraction

Y is for "Young" as in...The Young Bucks should be in the WWE, well, maybe not...

Z is for "Zzzzz" as in...the third hour of Raw makes wrestling


Okay, I'm sure you guys can come up with some good ones, hit up that comment section!

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