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Cageside Countdown Nomination Thread: Worst PPVs Ever

So... if you haven't heard (and chances are, you probably haven't...or you might have but you simply forgot), Battleground is this weekend. Yes, Cagesider, I see you cringing. Just the name Battleground brings back nightmares such as another useless Intercontinental title reign for Mike Mizanin, another useless WWE Championship reign for John Cena, the tease that was Ambrose-Rollins I, Santino and The Great Khali as a tag team, and Big Show ruining everything. Again. Ok, there was the Rhodes family winning the tag titles. But the show's won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter award for worst major show two years running.

But is it the worst PPV ever?

Probably not, but we're gonna let you decide anyway in this week's Cageside Countdown. There are rules to this.

First, to qualify, the wrestling event in question must be a wrestling PPV. To clarify, this has to be an event that could not have been available to the viewer unless they have paid money to see it, and there are video cameras at said event so the event can be broadcasted to a wide viewing audience. So yes, Internet PPVs are eligible. So are WWE Network "special events" (you know, those things that most people pay $10 for, but some still pay full PPV price for some reason?). Oh, and second, the PPV must have already happened, so no nominating this year's Battleground.

Now that we've cleared that up, here are the usual rules.

To nominate, write in the subject box (that's the thin box) Nominate - your show here (and please include the year). In the comment box (that's the bigger one), a short description of why the PPV should be considered the worst ever. And/or a picture or video.

See something you agree with? Give it a rec. That's how the countdown is made. Most recs get in, with earliest nominations getting priority in the event of a tie. To prevent repeat nominations, use CTRL-F (or CMD-F if you have a Mac) to make sure the PPV you want to nominate isn't nominated already.

Because this is such a deep and passionate topic with many of you, I'm going to do something unprecedented: I'm gonna extend the nomination period to an entire week. Almost. Five days from date and time of post should be good enough. So spread the word. Countdown will go up next Monday after all the Battleground coverage is done and dusted. So get in.

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