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Cageside Countdown: The Top 10 Moments of Wrestlemania 31

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Earlier this week, we asked you, the Cagesider to pick out your favorite moments from the 31st annual "Showcase of the Immortals". Needless to say, you've come through with dozens of moments and plenty of visual aids. From those moments, I sorted them using Microsoft Excel 2007 and have come up with...


Ok, actually, it's 11 because we begin with a tie for tenth (ed. - plus, there were actually ten honorable mentions for a nice round 21 - peep those here). And remember, if your favorite didn't make it, you have no one to blame but you.

All GIFs unless noted from Wrestling-Giffer on Tumblr.

10. Damien Sandow has had enough of Mike Mizanin.

Tell me this didn't feel good. I mean, it did for about two minutes, then... you know, Big Show ruined it by winning. As if he needs the rub, right? Anyway, this is far and away the highlight of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

10. Natalya's dressed to kill. Or something like that.

Thanks to Nattie's husband and CESARO™, Natalya's career has gotten a bit of a resurgence. And what do you do when your career gets a non-Total Divas related bump? You dress like a supervillain. Of course. FACT.

9. The Rock and Ronda connection steal Wrestlemania 31.

Ok, we can probably all agree that the segment with The Rock, The Authority, and Ronda Rousey went way too long. But that's what pretty much got mainstream media talking the next day. Two members of the Furious 7 cast combine forces to give Triple H and Stephanie the what-for at Wrestlemania. And it was awesome.

That's Ronda's arm now, Steph. Also, even though Ronda's shirt said it's over 9000, she was using like 5800 power level. 6400 tops. Full power, and WWE's got quite a bit of blood to clean up. Because, you know, detached arms and shit. And that would have been awkward for everybody. By the way, did you see The Rock's face when Ronda judo-tossed Triple H?

That's that "dude, what are you thinking?" look. This woman armbared one of the best women's MMA fighters in the world in 15 seconds in her last fight. That's like an Instagram video. Why, Triple H? Why do you subject yourself to that abuse? I wonder at what point in the toss did Triple H regret the decision. I'm thinking it's right around there.

8. Rollins thanks Reigns. Seth Rollins once said these words in an interview with "Don't be a jerk. That's a good piece of advice. Come with hopes high, head low, open ears, open eyes and work hard, and that'll get you where you want to be." This past Sunday, that hard work paid off when he became the new WWE heavyweight champion of the world. In his final act before becoming champion, Seth... thanked Roman.

Seth the character may be...okay, he is... a jerk. But good to know that Seth the human is anything but. The truth behind the "thank you so much" may never revealed, but if the version many got out of it is, it's a pretty cool gesture. Shield brothers for life, indeed.

7. John Cena's new sixth move. Somewhere in Texas, Steve Austin turned over in his bed when he saw this. John Cena... JOHN FREAKING CENA... he of the "five moves of doom" and "you can't wrestle!"... whips this out.

A springboard stunner. A SPRINGBOARD STONE COLD STUNNER. Yeah.... I can't... I can't even. Not even going to begin to even.

7. Kevin Nash "tears" his quad. Again.

The man formerly known as Diesel is one of the most polarizing figures in pro wrestling history. He's also one of the smartest figures in pro wrestling history. Don't think he's not aware of the torn quad jokes. Don't believe me? Check this out. Watch what happens when during the DX-nWo fracas, Billy Gunn jumps on Nash.

Of course he reaches for the quad. Thankfully, he did not tear it, so we can all laugh at the tall old man. Look at him. Look at him and laugh!

5. Rusev in a tank.

No words are needed. Just enjoy this glorious entrance.

You're Bulgarian, dude. But the entrance is awesome nonetheless. And Lana was at her most ravishing, was she not?

4. Suplex City bitch.

Three words spawned the hottest meme in wrestling. It came after Brock Lesnar used his go-to move, the German suplex, on Roman Reigns. Brock told him exactly where he was heading.

Credit to Labron Kozone for this awesome video. Just want the audio? That's from Kellzz and it's on Soundcloud right here.

3. Two different ways to sit up.

Bray Wyatt wanted to prove he was the new face of fear. The only problem is that the old one wasn't ready to move out quite yet, as seen in this GIF.

2. Seth Rollins wins. Seth Rollins wins?

The main event originally advertised for Wrestlemania 31 was Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE title. But like last year, neither half of the original main event left with the world title. Last year, it was Daniel Bryan over Batista and Randy Orton. This year: Seth Rollins cashing in his Money in the Bank DURING the main event of Wrestlemania and winning over Brock and Roman.

I still think Seth's a traitorface Fredo fuck, but he's a smart traitorface Fredo fuck. A smart traitorface Fredo fuck who genuinely looked like he had the time of his life in the defining moment of his life.

1. Best. RKO. EVER.

If the original ending was Roman leaving Santa Clara leaving the world title, then Seth Rollins will be forever remembered for getting his curbstomp turned into the SICKEST RKO IN THE HISTORY OF MAN. THE HISTORY OF MAN.

Randy Orton wins. FATALITY. (gif via r/SquaredCircle)

See your favorite? What didn't make the cut, but should have?

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