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WWEekly Confidence Index: Life After Wrestlemania

Judging by the reactions of Smarkamania IV (the RAW after Wrestlemania 31), the buzz from Sunday night has clearly worn off. But not long ago was a time when Cagesiders like you were truly hopeful for the future and (generally) praising an event that had no business being good, much less great.

So we asked you to grade WWE as a fan and consumer based on the events in Santa Clara between 5pm and 11pm eastern time Sunday night. And that you did.

The Boss Ain't Ratchet (yes she is, deal with it) chimed in with a 3.5:

I'm not going to overreact as a result of one show, but it did certainly help. NXT callups should be on the way soon, we have a fulltime champ that's earned it, there's a chance to elevate the secondary titles and the women's division might be getting at least a sliver of a chance. Tough to complain, but it's tough to get too high on anything with everything that lead up to yesterday.

However, BlackSanta is not impressed and went with a 2:

The show was quite a bit better than I expected, and sets up some interesting stories...but that does not erase the garbage storytelling since (at least) Hell in a Cell which drove me away from the main product entirely.

Kevin Kostka may have overreacted a little with his 4, but he may have also been a Nostradamus:

The day-to-day angles are still looking pretty bad coming out of WrestleMania, and a lot of the show was well-executed nonsense. That said, it was so well-executed that it proves to me that WWE can still be amazing from time-to-time .

ReverendKain also went 4:

They lucked into another great ending, but it was still a great damn ending. And Roman finally showed something that makes me confident in him as a top guy at least some of the time.

Flyin' Ryan went with a 2.5 and chased it with a HOT TAKE:

Honestly, I tried to write a diatribe on my feelings, and everything ended back up at the fact that I feel like the fans are writing the show to enjoy it, rather than the WWE writing the show for the fans. Honestly, I don't think Vince McMahon is out of touch, but I think that he has lost the confidence in his capabilities, as well as those of his staff. Maybe that explains the scripted promos, the rumors that talent are jealous of the NXT crew, and the rumor that Vince alone decided the end of Wrestlemania 31.


NXT is the best thing going in the WWE. I've been to a live event and enjoyed the experience so much that I have bought tickets for the next two shows. But doesn't anyone else worry that this is going to eventually destroy the product? Too much of a good thing after all... This decision just reaks of Vince being backstage in San Jose and deciding that if they like it so much, we will drown them in it.

Thankfully, they came to their senses. NXT specials will remain a once-per-three-months thing.

Aldogg33 goes with a 3:

WM was strong as hell and that ending much like last year brought out emotions in all of us. Maybe not the feel good story like last year, but the workhorse of the company for the last 6 months getting to go out on top. WM was a solid card with a lot of memorable moments coming off of a strong few weeks of NXT culminating with Finn/Owens which made me hungry for Demon Finn vs the Demon named Kevin Owens. We know tonight is going to be epic, as Smarkamania will be running wild and the crowd will go into business for themselves if things go south, which alone is worth 3 hours of TV watching.

And holy hell, did the crowd go into business for themselves in an ugly, ugly manner.

But your winner winner chicken dinner goes to Zentrification for his simple reason for going with a 5 rating:

Seth Rollins.

Hard to dispute it.

Just over 600 votes and your WWEekly Confidence Index for April 1 is...


The highest score ever, even higher than coming out of Wrestlemania XXX. I have a feeling it will not last however.

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