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(Not) Top 5 Hits: Current WWE Main Roster (#2)

Once again, it's time to sound off on your (not) top five things in wrestling. Today, we pick our least favorite wrestlers currently working on the WWE main roster.

About six months ago sounded off on our least favorite people on WWE's main roster. Today, we revisit that same topic! Has your list changed any?

I'll get this train moving with my (not) top five...


#5 Cameron

You could argue Eva Marie or Rosa Mendes could take Cameron spot, but Eva is never on TV, and Rosa's thirty seconds of dancing with Fandango doesn't really bother me. Cameron cuts way more robotic promos and wrestles far more mediocre matches, so she makes the list, again. She may be good for Total Divas, but with the talent lurking in NXT, without some major improvements, her wrestling days could be coming to a close.

#4 The Ascension

They are relatively new, so this could be unfair to put them on the list, but here they are. There promos are laughable, and I don't get hyped at all for their matches. If Creative is going the LOD/Demolition route with these two, have them destroy their opponents, and be booked accordingly. We have yet to see either of those things occur. To make things worse, they got punked out by JBL and Co. not too long ago. Ride the lightning off my TV screen, please.

#3 Curtis Axel

We're at the point with Axel where if he can't get over as a serious contender, let's just make him act like a gimmick-biting fool until WrestleMania. Aside from the initial pop, crowds barely react to Hogan these days, how in the world will this get Axel over? He's really solid in the ring, but needs a complete overhaul in the look/gimmick department.

#2 Big Show

Show is here solely because of the amount of TV time he receives as one of WWE's top heel. In 2015, Big Show is still a top heel. By that same thought, Kane should probably be on the list, as well. For me, the difference is  Kane delivers some decent backstage segments, and is able to occasionally put on interesting matches, with the right opponent. At this point, I'd rather see Show turn every single episode, just embrace the joke!

#1 Ryback

Thankfully, RybAxel was split up, and WWE made Ryback a face, when he returned from injury. Since then, he's gone back to his Goldberg-esque ways and actually winning, for a change. Last time around, he was my #1 pick, and it wasn't well received in the comments. Shortly after in November, CM Punk thrashed his wrestling abilities in the Colt Cabana interview, and public opinion shifted negatively towards Ryback, which just warmed my cold heel heart.

Off the list:

Jack Swagger - Swaggie just missed the cut, at number six.

The Great Khali - WWE released him in November...goodnight, sweet prince.


Let's see your list!

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