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WWEekly Confidence Index: The Final Countdown to Wrestlemania

You guys, Wrestlemania's a week from Sunday. And I gotta be honest. I share the same sentiment that many of you do: I'm not particularly excited for it. The crazy thing is I don't remember a time in my life I've ever looked forward to a Wrestlemania less--yes, I said LESS--than the one coming up. Maybe it's because I've been spoiled with the last few years. Though they weren't all good, every Wrestlemania since XXIV has featured a significant comeback, a significant retirement, or both. And this year, we have neither. Of course, that's just scratching the surface.

Sure there's Sting's WWE in-ring debut (and finale, by my guess) and what we all assume will be Brock Lesnar's final WWE and the coronation of Roman Reigns as the next "guy". And possibly Undertaker's final match, even though we all assumed as such last year. And three years ago. And five years ago for that matter.

But other than that, nope. Not excited. Not even a little bit. If you were on this site last year, the coverage leading up to the event was MASSIVE. Part of that was because it was a milestone Mania. Part of it was because, well, let's be honest: they had an all-timer in the making. Not so much this year. Every match on the show can rate five stars, and yet it still won't be as emotionally good as this:

Or as gut-wrenching as this:

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I would love to be proven wrong though.


It's been a while, so I guess a rundown of the rules is in order. Vote in the poll below based on your confidence in WWE right now. What criteria you use is up to you. But kindly defend your number. Even if I disagree with your rating, if you give a compelling reason, you may make the best comments in the followup post. And you'll have bragging rights among your fellow Cagesiders.

Oh, and community rules apply, so no flaming and such, kay?

Polls close three days from date and time of post.

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