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Join Cageside Seats' March Madness Real Time Bracket Pool

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The following announcement has been paid for (not really) by the New World Order of March Madness Brackets.


We're all about professional wrestling here at Cageside Seats but that doesn't mean we're interested only in what takes place inside the squared circle. We've got an amazing community of folks around these parts and because there are so many of you who make this your home for wrestling news, I wanted to invite you to get in on March Madness and a sweet new gimmick for filling out your brackets for the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament.

SB Nation has partnered with Hubstar Games to create Real Time Brackets, which has revolutionized the way you can fill out your bracket. There are three different levels you can play on:

  • Advanced. RTB users can not just change their bracket as the tournament progresses, but you can switch teams during the live games as many times as you want. For example, if you come into a game having picked Michigan State to beat Georgia, but Michigan State is trailing by 17 points with 7 minutes remaining, you can change your pick to Georgia. Of course your "penalty" for doing so is you won't earn as many points if you're right. Imagine the nailbiting decision you have to make if a game is down to the wire and your bracket depends on a split-second call in a tie score with seconds to go in overtime.
  • Intermediate. You can change your bracket at any time per round except while the games are being played. 
  • Traditional. The standard format of filling out your bracket before it's completely locked in as soon as the tournament starts (play-in games are on Tuesday and Wednesday, but the tournament brackets will be locked on Thursday).

I've created an official Cageside Seats group that I'm inviting you to join right now.


Group name: Cageside Seats

Password: stupidmanpunch

Once you're signed up, click on "Join Group", type in Cageside Seats, and then input the above password to get to playing. Point values can be seen in your bracket next to each game and they are not customizable.

You're not going to beat me -- there's a reason they call me The General, folks -- but you're almost certainly going to beat Sean. Either way, get in on this now, Cagesiders!

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