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Top 5 Hits: Current WWE Main Roster (#2)

Cagesiders sound off on their top five things in wrestling. Today, we pick our favorite wrestlers currently working on the WWE main roster.

About six months ago we sounded off on our favorite people on WWE's main roster. Today, we revisit that same topic! Has your list changed any?

I'll get this train moving with my top five...


#5 - Naomi

Dropping down a spot, Naomi still is one of my favorites on the roster. Yes, she follows me on Twitter, which doesn't influence my decision making at all...okay, maybe a little! In the past few months, she's gone solo, feuding -- and winning -- against Cameron. Eventually working with the Usos, and getting an actual storyline against Miz/Mizdow! Naomi did well with the added TV time, and hopefully will get a chance at the title in the near future.

#4 - Rusev and Lana

For all the crap we give Creative with NXT call-ups Rusev has been booked pretty solid. Lately, he's had a lot of stupid count-outs/DQs, but his build-up has been on point. I'm not looking forward to the Cena feud as we know how those tend to go. Lana is great on the mic, and is in close battle with Eden, for the title of "WWE's best dressed".

#3 - Dean Ambrose

Lately, Dean has been on the losing side of things, but is still over with the crowds. His feud with Seth was one of the best in 2014. A unique style in the ring, and elite talent on the mic, I always turn the volume up when Ambrose hits my screen.

#2 - Seth Rollins

Ugh! I hate you and your smug smile! He's so talented in the ring, and has propelled himself to become the top heel in the WWE. His matches are can't miss, and his mic work is just the best. As one of the few true heels in the company, I -- #HeelDoors -- can't get enough of Seth Rollins.

#1 - Dolph Ziggler

I don't know if any of you do this, but I've been racking my brain to figure out who my new #1 guy is in the WWE...since Khali left, I've been lost. Who would I cheer on over anyone else in the company?

That man, is Dolph Ziggler.


He's solid on the mic and a wizard in the ring, although his offense could use some adjusting. Just give him the superkick -- SUPPPERKIIICK! -- as a finisher, and we'll be all set. Creative has booked him like a jobber to the stars, a God among men -- Survivor Series, anyone? -- and he is still way over with the crowd.

Simply stated: I'm a Ziggler Guy.

Off the List:

Stardust - He was intriguing at first, but has gone nowhere over the past six months. This gimmick is probably getting dropped very soon.

Luke Harper - I still like the guy, but without the Wyatt Family, my interest has lowered, for now.


Let's see your list!

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