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Your Weekly Post of Positivity

Yup. RAW sucked.


But hey... Sasha Banks with a unicorn headband. I mean that's worth... that's worth something, right? Right? RIGHT?

Maybe I'm crazy, or maybe my body and mind hit that point where it hits every year around this time, and that's holiday depression, but does the world seem a little more toxic than normal these days? I don't wanna get too political, but it seems the tenor here is to create as much panic and fear as possible instead of... I dunno, solving problems and what not.

One thing I've pointed out from the very beginning is that while wrestling makes us all emotional because it is what we are attached to and brought us together, we are first and foremost human beings. We are fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, strangers brought together for a common love of men and women in tights and jeans and shirts kinda sorta fighting each other. Maybe Kevin Owens has the best perspective from all this:

Kev's right. There's A LOT of evil in this world. But you know something? There's a lot more good in this world. Just do your bit of good and, God or whatever deity willing, the rest will take care of itself.

Ok, I think we could use some good news here. Who wants to share their good news?

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