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Your New Year's Post of Positivity

Well, 2015 is just about over, and for a lot of you, I'm sure it cannot come fast enough. I feel ya. It can't end fast enough for me either. But the thing about one book closing is another one can be opened. There's nothing wrong with looking back at the past. It's just what you do with it. You can look back on it with regret, or look back on it as a learning experience. Sure, it's natural to "what if I did this" or "what if I did that", but it's not gonna change the results of what went down already. There's no sense in living in regret or shame. Because all you do when you do so is hold yourself back from what you're truly meant to be.

And I guess that's my message to you in the coming year: go out and be the person you're truly meant to be. Yes this world, as toxic as it is, is going to kick you square in the ass again and again and again. And make no mistake, the world's more toxic than now than it's ever been. All you have to do is watch your local news or go to your favorite news outlet. But you know something else: Under those thick clouds are good people. Many good people that just wanna do right by themselves or others. You know exactly what I'm talking about because I'm talking to one of those good people right now. Yes, you the Cagesider that is reading this.

2016 isn't going to be like 2015. The world as a whole will probably be worse by this time next year. Maybe it'll be better, but we know how it will turn out. But that doesn't mean you have to be worse by this time next year. So go out and be better. And as a couple of time travelers once said...

Happy new year, everyone.

Now, go and share some of that good news you got going.

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