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Community stats for Cageside Seats in 2014

It was a banner year for Cageside Seats in 2014. Though I won't release our actual numbers, our continued growth is exciting to be a part of you. Traffic has been booming and it only looks to get better and better as we move along. So while there are plenty of thanks to go around to the great staff here, we should also take the time to recognize you, the readers.

So, thank you, Cagesiders.

What we have here isn't just a great site full of the latest pro wrestling news to go along with some cool features. No, we also have a community of awesome folks who make this a fun place to hang out, no matter what time of day it is. If you're bored at work or snowed in at home or simply can't get enough pro wrestling, this is a perfect spot to not only spend your time but actively get involved with the site.

Plenty of you have done just that over the past year and the fine folks at SB Nation compiled a list of stats for us to share with you.

So let's take a look and see if you made the cut, shall we?

Most FanPosts:

  1. BaconStrips (170)
  2. Vectron44 (61)
  3. CaptainCharisma (61)
  4. Clobberin' Times (58)
  5. GrecoRomanGuy (53)
  6. Khurram Parvaz (45)
  7. Jenzel (38)
  8. The Notorious Eddie Mac (37)
  9. WritersBlockhead (31)
  10. Effervesce (28)

Most FanShots:

  1. Geno Mrosko (620)
  2. Sean Rueter (193)
  3. Keith Harris (34)
  4. Effervesce (18)
  5. BaconStrips (16)
  6. The Notorious Eddie Mac (16)
  7. fortek13 (12)
  8. rancho king (10)
  9. saintdane05 (7)
  10. tkatt00 (7)

Most comments:

  1. ReverendKain (29,180)
  2. BaconStrips (22,962)
  3. Yourroleandyou (22,758)
  4. Vidence (21,013)
  5. TheRojas (20,179)
  6. rancho king (15,931)
  7. Sandow's Superior (15,833)
  8. Eldazon (15,559)
  9. TMadeBurner (14,667)
  10. BryanDanielson'sBeard (14,064)

If you're curious, you can go back and look at last year's numbers here.

It's time to step your game up in 2015, folks!

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