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WWEekly Confidence Index: A New Hope?

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First off, happy new year!

Suddenly things are looking up for WWE: their much-maligned Network is coming to the UK and Ireland (finally),Total Divas returns (finally-I know some of you enjoy it; I'm not one of them), and the Authority's back to set up THE BIG WRESTLEMANIA ANGLE. Almost forgot: DANIEL BRYAN DANIELSON IS BACK! And after coming off the high that was NXT Takeover 3: Return of the Zayn (Yes, I know WWE called it something else, but that name is better, so there), we have perhaps the biggest development in sports entertainment in recent memory.

No, not the return of Smackdown to Thursday and its quick, inevitable descent into irrelevance.

Blue Pants has won a match.

Let that sink in, boys and girls. Blue Pants has as many wins on WWE programming in the last twelve months as Zack Ryder: one. The Blue Pants Dynasty is real.

Since it's been a few weeks since we've done one of these, let's see where Cagesiders were on WWE when we last left you on December 15, the Monday after Takeover.

Zentrification goes full Blutarsky:

A - Stairs match.

B - Exploding TV.

C - Cole's Death Bump

D - Big Show's involvement in a second match when he shouldn't have been in a match to being.

E - Roman Reings Returns and bored the shit out of me.

I'm usually more even keel about the ShitPile known as the WWE, but it's like Vince decided he's taking his company down and the fans down with it.

If so, that's sad. Contrary to popular IWC opinion, the fact is WWE is the tide that floats all boats, and if WWE goes down, that affects the industry as a whole.

More than a few people were conflicted in their ratings, with NXT being so good and the main roster stuff being...not so good. A few examples:

Yourroleandyou's 3:

5 for Takeover, 1 for TLC (the one point comes from Ziggler/Harper and the fact that Brock is supposed to be back tonight).

Brigade17's 3:

I gave them a 3, but only because NXT is so...effing good.

WWE itself? A 1.5.

KDidz's 2:

So last two votes got a 3

But NXT alone could not save the WWE from the post SS garbage that has been the last month

Listen, I loved Takeover. Loved loved loved it. However, WWE as a whole has done nothing to improve it's product with the success of NXT. In fact, it does the opposite to the stars built down there

We've had 3 weeks of some of the shittiest story telling and a PPV card so poor that half of me didn't even want to watch it, even though I pay for the Network. And the PPV itself didn't show signs of anyone working harder because of Takeover.

Plus we have no earned contender poised to take the gold off of Brock. We're getting Roman forced down our throats (or at least we probably will.) Honestly, the only person they've built up enough is Dolph, but we all know that isn't happening.

2.5 isn't a bad score and I always say it's because of sitting through WWE 2009-2011. But dropping even 1/2 a point is significant in my voting and they can get to 2 if they don't shape shit up soon.

Fruits' 1.5:

5 for NXT, 1 for TLC, 1 for Raw, 1.25 for Smackdown.

Aldogg's 2.5:

And only on the strength of NXT Takeover knowing all well Zayn/Owens will be incredible at the next takeover if it happens, and the fact that Finn Balor is just awesome. It sucks a few nights after Takeover reminded me why I love professional wrestling TLC reminded me why I hate professional wrestling. I feel like the PPV was a glorified Raw and out of the three events in professional wrestling I have watched the last week, the three being TLC, NXT Takeover and ROH Final Battle, was the worst of the 3 by a mile and if the MNF game was more interesting I might skip Raw completely. I feel like nothing last night mattered and even worse, another Lesnar/Cena match on the horizon and the impending Reigns rumble win have me very meh about the future and the build for mania.

Cjakedraw's 0 (I think he voted 0):

NXT gets a perfect score 5 out of 5.

Then TLC happened.

The main roster PPV insulted me as a wrestling fan.

It was everything that you cringe over when you try to show someone who isn't into wrestling why they should give it a try.

But I do have to admit....

as long as WWE keeps producing NXT at this level, those fuckers will keep getting my $9.99

Vince you genius asshole you

Jones Bailey decided to vote with his wallet:

I voted for REAL...

Canceled the network after last night's show.

This company does not deserve your money right now, it's really that simple.

Got back into wrestling a little over a year ago after a LONG break from it...

sorry, but it's straight up garbage.

It's embarrassing how much better NXT is, but I'm not paying 10 bux a month for a once-a-week-show when all else is garbage.

Not only is the WWE so bad right now (and it's really about creative-sticking Cena into everything; creating feuds out of thin air then abandoning them; etc.)...but the network disappoints me some too. For nearly a year I had this network, and they haven't added much of the territories library. That WCCW section never grew. Would love to see Memphis, Stampede, etc.

and in general, the PG era ain't for me. I don't mind the change in safety for the performers...but then why ten minute chair matches with back shots? I always thought that the "Yes" chant was too childish, and the WWE tries it everywhere...that forced "lucha" chant on NXT...Roman Reigns still has to "BELIEVE dat"...the Diva division is an insult to "wrestling," and should be replaced by Sasha/Charlotte/Bayley and start anew...wasting time with "Legends House" instead of cheaper but better things like Stone Cold podcasts...

Yeah, I'm takin' my 9.99 back. That's MY VOTE.

The rest o' y'all too shook to pull the trigger? Send this company a message.

I admire the message, don't get me wrong. But here's why it hasn't worked for the better part of a decade, and it's a little something I learned from (of all people) Colin Cowherd: want to stop giving your money? Fine. Because there's probably someone right behind you ready to give their money. The cycle will just continue ad infinitum. You may hate me for saying this, but you know I'm right.

But comment of the week honors goes to saltlakecitysaint, who is more or less telling us to chill out for a moment with the Roman Reigns hate:

I love the hell out of you all cagesiders

But it is not fair to criticise Roman like that. We are but a small percentage of all the fans of the WWE and even some of us here are fans of him including me. Oh he messed up a word, everyone does it even us and I bet we've all mispronounced a word as bad if not worse than that. We can't deny that Pop he got, we can't. He is over as Hell. The reason last years rumble went the way it did was Because we had someone even the target audience wanted to win it. This year do we have someone that has the support that Bryan did? Think about it who? Dean Ambrose? Not even close. Seth Rollins? Has the briefcase. Ziggles as much as I like him, is not gonna headline wrestlemania not with his current character. Cena? We all hate him. Cesaro? Vince won't go for it. None of the people I've stated have the support bryan did.

I don't like Dean Ambrose by the way buy do I shit all over him for the slightest reason even though I could do that right now? No. We all have our opinions but still give the guy a break Im sure He's trying his best. He got hurt. He's not as experienced as dean and seth are. Don't be mad at him be mad at WWE if anyone give the guy a damn chance

Yeah Philadelphia is a smark city, but that doesn't mean they'll shit all over Roman. There argument that he isn't ready might be really accurate but what can we do? They're the ones who want him That's who they're going for.

And If philly does shit all over him well that isn't fair. It's not.

Well, one can only hope, but while CSS is one of the more reasonable areas of the IWC, it seems the community at large has already made up its mind.

With that, we are starting 2015 with a WWEekly Confidence Index rating of...


 photo wcindex010515.jpg

18% voted a 2, and if you count those that voted 2.5, about 1 in 3 have It right around the number. The good news is this can be improved. But will it?

Let's find out. Vote below and tell us how confident you are in WWE right now. Poll closes three days from date and time of post.

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