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A Review of Current WWE Champions

Title holders can change at a rapid rate in the WWE, so let's take a look at the current lineup and see if they are helping or hurting the prestige of their title.

You may or may not remember the headline picture, but at the time it was a great lineup of WWE Champions. Where are they now? Well, unfortunately, three of them are out of the company (Beth Phoenix, CM Punk, and Evan Bourne). Zack Ryder has been relegated to whining on Twitter, Kofi Kingston is in a gospel choir, Cody Rhodes is a cosmic cat, and Daniel Bryan only recently returned from a serious neck injury. The turnover for champions tends to be rapid, so while we can, let’s review the current lineup of champions, and how they have affected their respective titles.


Brock Lesnar -- WWE Champion -- He’s held the title since SummerSlam after decimating John Cena with suplex after suplex. Since then, he’s been away from TV for most of his reign, although when "The Beast" does return, it feels like a really big deal. Brock has continued to dominate Cena and at the Royal Rumble, put on a fantastic match with Rollins and Cena. With his contract coming up soon, it looks like he will be dropping the title in the near future.

Title Prestige -- Trending Up -- In terms of a storyline, it hurts when the WWE Champion is not around. Although the title itself has been treated with a lot of respect and when it has been defended, people take notice. Brock has been a great champion, I just wish we could have seen him a little more.


Bad News Barrett -- Intercontinental Champion -- In surprising fashion, Barrett won the title in a 2-out-of-3 by defeating Dolph Ziggler on Raw. Since then, he’s gone 1-3 in TV tapings and isn’t engaged in any major feuds, yet. It’s not really a surprise as Barrett’s IC title runs (which are at 5) have usually fallen flat.

Title Prestige -- Trending Down -- Part of the problem is how Creative books this champion. Rather than being someone who never loses against the mid-card, they are booked to job to the stars. Back in the day, whoever held this title would be getting prepped for the main-event, but that’s not the case these days, and that's a shame.


Rusev -- United States Champion -- 8-3 since winning the title from Sheamus, but has been the victim of weird booking, with a lot of disqualifications or count-outs. The title looks great on him and/or Lana, and just works with their anti-American gimmick.

Title Prestige -- Trending Up -- This title is usually worth nothing, but now it’s being held by one of the most dominate superstars in 2014, and that's a good thing. Hoping WWE will make it a big deal when Rusev drops the title to another up-and-comer.


Nikki Bella -- Divas Champion -- Nikki has improved both her gimmick and in-ring work substantially over the past few months. She’s able to get some semblance of a reaction from the crowd, and is currently in a great feud with Paige.

Title Prestige -- Trending Up -- The five previous title holders were either AJ Lee or Paige, so Nikki as champion is refreshing. Paige and Nikki recently put on a great match, and hopefully can top it at Fast Lane.


The Usos -- Tag Team Champions -- Engaged in a long feud with Miz/Mizdow, they are currently in their second title run. During this reign, I think they have become stale, but can deliver in the ring.

Title Prestige -- Trending Down -- Their initial run was for 202 days, and did wonders for their career. They are very much over with crowds – especially kids – and are a staple in the tag team division. This second run has not been as well received from fans. Miz/Mizdow should have kept the titles for awhile longer. I’m guessing the good guys will be dropping the Tag Titles to The Ascension, so…yeah…we have that to look forward to.


That's it for me Cagesiders, so now I turn it over to you. What do you think of WWE's current champions?

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