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Podcast Roundup (Jan. 24, 2015): Jim Cornette, DDP, Lanny Poffo, Victoria

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We here in the Cageside community love to talk about the industry we all love so much that we actually have several podcasts that run at various times throughout the week. Some make it to the front page, some get buried in the busy day of thread activity, and some maybe don't get posted at all. In case you forgot, didn't know of, or want to look back on any of them, here I will accumulate the week's shows all in one spot, at the end of every week. I encourage you to bookmark the page as well. If you have something you would like to share with the rest of us, feel free to provide a link in the comment section for everyone to enjoy.


  • Friday January 23, 2015

Bros B4 Elbows - Ep. 2.5 - The Rumble Geno Rumble Episode

It’s the Rumble. It’s the Royal Rumble! For episode 2.5 of the Bros B4 Elbows Show Geno Mrosko, the editor-in-chief of, joins the tag-team to cover every angle of the 2015 Royal Rumble. The General is the third man! Working in a bath robe, tactical gear, and a vintage Black Scorpion mask the trio talk Brock Lesner’s final WrestleMania run, Daniel Bryan number one baby face, die Reigns die chants, and give their predictions for the winner of the 2015 Royal Rumble.

When will your number be called? Tune in, let out a "woooo" howl, and elbow drop an unsuspecting friend on this Royal edition of the Bros B4 Elbows show.

The Casey and Jeremy Show - Season 2 Episode 1 - Royal Rumble 2015

We are back! Discussing 2015 Royal Rumble, Monday Night Raw, Mizdow, We make our bets, if the Dudleys show up at the rumble who comes out first? and so much more!


  • Monday January 19, 2015

Piper's Pit - Ep. 42 - Jim Cornette

Yeeee Hawwwww! Jim Cornette crashes into Piper's Pit like a Level 5 Tornado, tearing apart everything you thought you knew about pro-wrestling. Why did Vince McMahon think Lex Luger was going to be the next Hulk Hogan? Who was tapped to run the WWF when Vince McMahon thought he'd be trading in his designer suits for prison stripes when the wrestling titan was an ass hair away from going to jail? You can only find out by downloading the latest episode of the best wrestling podcast in the whole damned world! Baby Jesus!

  • Tuesday January 20, 2015

The Steve Austin Show (Clean) - Ep. 187 - Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page sits down with his close, personal friend Steve Austin. DDP's taking his Resurrection of Jake The Snake documentary to the Slamdance Film Festival in Park City, Utah! He's talking about the finished doc, the new DDP Yoga performance center in Atlanta, Georgia, the new videos he's shooting... and he's telling some pretty fantastic wrestling stories - getting ribbed by Mick Foley, what Dusty Rhodes did for his career, and the promo he cut by phone to land a gig!

  • Wednesday January 21, 2015

The Ross Report - Ep. 49 - Lisa Marie Varon aka Victoria

Former WWE diva Victoria aka Lisa Marie Varon joins JR to talk about Chynna, her intro to pro-wrestling, learning the craft in Memphis, Survivor Series 2002, Wrestlemania 20, and being in the first Divas cage match on RAW. She also recounts her days at TNA, her troubled relationship with Dixie Carter, and shares her opinion on up & coming WWE stars Paige, AJ Lee, and Ric Flair's daughter, Charlotte! Plus, hear about her Chicago restaurant The Squared Circle, and why she still considers herself high maintenence to this day!

Talk Is Jericho - Ep. 110 - Robert Trujillo of METALLICA

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo recounts his 2-day, hung over, no-prep audition for the band! He also talks Infectious Grooves, Suicidal Tendencies, Ozzy, Cliff Burton, pioneering bass players, Antarctica, his first prison gig, and his fav Metallica songs to play live. Plus, details on the documentary Rob's making about one of his biggest musical heroes - bassist Jaco Pastorius! It's 5-years in the making & you can be a part of it! And 2-year old Beckett Sage IDs WWE stars' theme songs in seconds flat!

Sam Roberts Wrestling - Ep 013 - Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page is in studio with Sam, talking about DDP Yoga, the Monday Night Wars documentaries, Scott Hall, and more, plus Sam's take on TNA"s BDC, and the Royal Rumble

  • Thursday January 22, 2015

The Steve Austin Show (Unleashed) - Ep. 188 - WWE Referees, Roman Reigns, & Ted Fowler

Steve's talking to you guys, he's talking to @TedFowler361... and he's covering everything from his thoughts on WWE Referees and how they're utilized today to Roman Reigns as the next big star to the ladies battling it out on Broken Skull Challenge.

  • Friday January 23, 2015

Talk Is Jericho - Ep. 111 - Randy Savage Remembered by his brother Lanny Poffo

Macho Man Randy Savage's brother, Lanny Poffo, has agreed that it's time for Macho Man to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, so that's what's happening this year! Why did Lanny change his mind? And what would his brother and father think about it? Lanny explains his decision... and shares some amazing stories about his brother's as well as his own wrestling career as The Genius who only spoke in poetry and rhyme! He recites a few of his more famous & memorable poems & tells stories from his own in-ring career working with Hulk Hogan and Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig.


MLW Radio - MLW Radio is headed by former WWE writer Court Bauer. This website is home to numerous podcasts, such as Kevin Sullivan, Jim Cornette, John Pollock, Court Bauer, MSL, Konnan, "The Writer's Room" w/ Alex Greenfield, Court Bauer and Ed Ferrara, "Talkin Shop", and so much more.

The Art of Wrestling - This is Colt Cabana's podcast, and a very popular one. Almost every week he has a guest, and of course Colt's very funny humor.

Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online - Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer; need I say more? Many daily shows here, you can use the archive to search all their media. I highly recommend subscribing to get more content, however there are many free shows as well.

In Your Head Wrestling - A new personal favorite of mine, lots of guests and frequent shows. Give IYH a try.

SB Nation Podcasts - Here is everything else SB Nation has to offer. Once again, if you have anything you think we should put here for everybody else to enjoy, let me know in the comment section.

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