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Happy New Year!

It's been an absolute pleasure running Cageside Seats from the day I took over, Aug. 5, 2011, to this very moment. This past year was easily our most successful, and that's all because of you, our readers.

I love this community. I'm most proud of cultivating a safe place for all pro wrestling fans to hang out and talk about this form of entertainment we all love (and sometimes hate). Know that that's something that will never change, at least not as long as I'm in charge.

Now, it's time to give thanks to the hard working folks who make this site what it is today.

Thanks to Sean Rueter for bringing the best damn right hand man I could ever ask for. Thanks to Keith Harris for sticking around when the old regime was ousted and providing us with a deep knowledge of pro wrestling history. Thanks to Hulk Holland for consistently bringing well written opinion pieces every Tuesday and Thursday night with a dash of funny on Saturday morning. Thanks to Randall Ortman for taking the time to compile the rumors of the day, even though they just seem to rile everyone up. Thanks to Hollywood Wallace for the continued dedication to kayfabe. Thanks to Doors Hate MMA Fighters for taking the time to run the Cageside Evaluations. Thanks to Cain A. Knight for keeping track of time for us. Thanks to GuyNamedJason for his contributions, like the always outstanding "Coulda Been Betta" series. Thanks to Chrissie for always staying on the look out for new WWE merchandise. Thanks to TJ_UK for the Useful GIFs. Thanks to Casey Garner for the Podcast Roundups. Thanks to the Notorious Eddie Mac for the history and his infrequent but invaluable insight.

And, most of all, thank you, Cagesiders. You make all the hard work worth it.

Have a safe and happy New Year, everyone!

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