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Podcast Roundup (Sept. 20, 2014): Kevin Nash, The Hardy Boyz, Gangrel, more!

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We here in the Cageside community love to talk about the industry we all love so much that we actually have several podcasts that run at various times throughout the week. Some make it to the front page, some get buried in the busy day of thread activity, and some maybe don't get posted at all. In case you forgot, didn't know of, or want to look back on any of them, here I will accumulate the week's shows all in one spot, at the end of every week. I encourage you to bookmark the page as well.

If you have something you would like to share with the rest of us, feel free to provide a link in the comment section for everyone to enjoy.


  • Thursday September 18, 2014

Off The Top Rope - Episode 71 - WCW Bash At The Beach 2000

In this episode, we talk our excitemet for NXT Takeover 2: The Takeovering, NXT invading Raw, Jerry Springer on Raw, and more Monday night... "goodness" (well, there was some goodness). We then talk production sheets, Graveyard matches, lots and lots of shoots and more, as it's Bash at the Beach 2000! We name MVP and LVP, and later this week, we'll do part 2 of Mike and Rex Watch Wrestling!

Direct download: Episode_71_-_WCW_Bash_at_the_Beach_2000.mp3


  • Monday September 15, 2014

Piper's Pit - Gangrel

Former WWE star Gangrel stops by Piper's Pit to chat with "Hot Rod," Colt Toombs and "The Grappler," about his 25-plus years in wrestling. The Vampire Warrior reveals all as he talks about his epic feud with Ric Flair, finding out that he didn't really get to beat up people in pro wrestling and starting his very own wrestling school.

  • Tuesday September 16, 2014

The Steve Austin Show (Clean) - Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash is in Georgia shooting the sequel to the "Magic Mike" movie, and used some downtime on set to catch up with Stone Cold Steve Austin! Hear about Kevin's prep for the film including growing out his hair & waxing his anus! They also discuss diet & exercise, ground turkey & red wine, and they even break out the uber facts - earthquakes, killer hippos, T-Rex Arms, hugging, and sex & marriage.

  • Wednesday September 17, 2014

The Ross Report - Cowboy Bill Watts

JR's mentor is on the podcast - Cowboy Bill Watts, tough promoter of the Mid-South territory, who also spent time at WCW and WWE. They talk booking philosophy, selling, heels & babyfaces, Eric Bischoff, Vince McMahon, and the impact of the erosion of the territories on pro-wrestling. Plus, Watts has some strong opinions about some of today's talent & matches - The Undertaker, Bray Wyatt, John Cena, and Wrestlmania 30.

Talk Is Jericho - Matt and Jeff Hardy "The Hardy Boyz" (Part 1)

Matt and Jeff aka The Hardy Boyz aka Team Xtreme are together in-person with Y2J! The real life brothers had their own trampoline ring in the backyard of their family's 25-acre tobacco farm. They started their own wrestling promotion, sewed their own costumes, came up with some crazy gimmicks, made their way to the WWE, and once there, cemented their legacy with some killer TLC matches! Stories, stories, and more stories... and they share them all with Chris!

  • Thursday September 18, 2014

The Steve Austin Show (Unleashed) - Fanny packs, clutch bags & clothesline comebacks

You wanted wrestling, you got wrestling! Steve Austin is answering your wrestling questions and cutting promos on all who asked for 'em! He's talking wrestling fads & gimmicks, selling in the ring, rethinking the clothesline comeback, and working in Japan. He's also having an IPA with his lake monster neighbor in Hartwell, Georgia!

  • Friday September 19, 2014

Who's Next with Bill Goldberg - NFL Hall of Famer John Randle

NFL Hall of fame Defensive Lineman John "The Sack machine" Randle joins Goldberg for an hour of inside scoops and real man stuff.

Talk Is Jericho - Matt and Jeff Hardy "The Hardy Boyz" (Part 2)

One of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history, The Hardy Boyz, real-life brothers Matt and Jeff, are back to talk Team Xtreme & Lita, the substance abuse issues that nearly ruined their careers and lives, comebacks and second chances, leaving WWE, joining TNA, and the indie wrestling scene. Plus, Literary Experts Cheyenne & Sierra Irvine are sharing some amazing book reviews and reading suggestions! And have you heard "Sandpaper" yet?

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