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Top 5 Hits: Current NXT Roster

Last week, we discussed your current favorites on WWE's main roster. It's fair to say you Cagesiders are really enjoying Dean Ambrose. Not only was he on the most lists, but he was consistently a number one choice. After Dean, the most mentioned (not in order) were: Paul Heyman, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, AJ Lee, Paige, Dolph Ziggler, and Cesaro. Following that fine group, Stephanie McMahon, Damien Sandow and even The Miz got some love for their recent work.

In an interesting and somewhat surprising twist, Roman Reigns was nowhere to be found. Looks like he's got some work to do if this whole "WrestleMania 31 coronation" comes to fruition. That was last week though. Let's check out today's topic!


If there's one thing that wrestling fans enjoy doing, it's making countdown style lists. So that's exactly what we are doing here! Today, we will focus on the current NXT roster.

I'll get this train moving with my top five before you list yours in the comments section below (make sure your list is in order).


#5 - Charlotte

Eden almost took this spot, as I wasn't sure about Charlotte until her match with Natayla at NXT Takeover. One of the best matches in 2014, they put on an incredibly entertaining 17-minute bout. Even if she's still so-so on the mic, she's got great in-ring ability/charisma to make up for that.

#4 - Sasha Banks

Talk about an evolution! She's built this great heel character who could do quite well once she's moved to the main roster. Excited to see what just a little more time in NXT will do for her.

#3 - Tyler Breeze

I'm nervous about his call-up, but he's ready. Can go in the ring, has a fully developed character, and can talk. What else do you want, uggos?

#2 - Bayley

She's very close to becoming my top woman wrestler in WWE. She fits her gimmick perfectly, and is so much fun to watch in the ring. The "hug-plex" is one of my favorite things in all of wrestling.

#1 - Sami Zayn

Not the most bold choice, but it has to be happy bearded guy! He can put on great matches with anyone on the roster, so much so that it's confusing why he's still in NXT. If Breeze is ready, Zayn is beyond ready.

Let's see yours!

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