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Top 5 Hits: SummerSlam Moments

Last week we checked out the current TNA roster, and picked our favorites. The most popular from your lists: Bully Ray, Rockstar Spud, ECIII, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, and Gail Kim. Tough to pick a true winner like in previous weeks, this group was sprinkled all over your top fives.

That was last week though, let us get to today's topic!


If there's one thing that wrestling fans enjoy doing, it's making countdown style lists. So that's exactly what we are doing here! Today, we will focus on favorite SummerSlam Moments. Anything goes on this list, it is not limited to matches only.

I'll get this train moving with my top five before you list yours in the comments section below (make sure your list is in order).


#5 - Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect

In 1991, these two hooked up to battle for the Intercontinental championship and put on a true classic.

#4 - Brock vs. Rock

A massively hyped match between two of the WWE's biggest names ever.

#3 - Macho Wedding

One of the best on-screen duos finally get hitched in 1991. Who doesn't enjoy a wrestling wedding?

#2 - Shawn Michael's Overselling

Safe to say "The Heartbreak Kid" was not happy losing to Hulk Hogan in 2005. In protest, he decided to oversell a lot of Hogan's offense throughout the match to hilarious results.

#1 - Bret Hart vs. The British Bulldog

If you've never seen it, get eyes on it immediately. As our man Scott Christ explained in his countdown of the top 100 matches in SummerSlam history, it's the very best the event has ever produced.

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