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We Came. We Saw. We BO-lieved: Why the end of Dallas' streak just didn't work and how it Coulda Been Betta

The stunner of Bo's streak ending at the hands of R-Truth is still ringing in the Internet's ears. Here's how it could have actually mattered.

I've occasionally (often) failed to be pithy, but after what was a fairly entertaining show, I just want to get to the main point.

Bo Dallas lost. I'm not sure where we, as humans, go from here. I'm not sure what's real anymore? Did we go to the moon? Was it a lone assassin or were there others in the grassy knoll? Is Coolio really a forgotten superstar?

R-Truth pinned Bo Dallas with a schoolboy in 33 seconds. It came out of nowhere and then Bo raged and performed yet another "crazy superstar" gimmick, just like AJ had done earlier, Dean Ambrose and Alicia Fox have been doing for months. Randy Orton would do it last night as well when he attacked Roman Reigns.

It's not that Bo Dallas shouldn't have lost on television. It's simply that IF he was to lose, it should have been done in a more high-profile way to at least accentuate the importance of his character. Last night might lead to Xavier Woods and his crew recruiting R-Truth, but if that's the end game, they punted on Bo.

Here's how you beat Bo Dallas...or come close.

Stephanie's segment and the Chris Jericho 2001-02 nickname callback segment was great and that could have been Bo's jump off point. The segment begins with a humiliated Stephanie backstage and a consoling Triple H with his wife. Enter Bo Dallas, saying "that Chris Jericho guy is a real pill...a bad apple...he's a meanie." Bo proceeds to put on his big smile, thumbs up, right in Stephanie's face as he tells her everything will be just fine for her. He foolishly makes it worse by listing the legal troubles, Jericho, Brie, even Cena. He of course finishes by saying all she has to do is "Bo-lieve."

This goes over like a fart in church and Triple H, irate, gets in Bo's face and tells him all the BO-lieving in the world might not be enough tonight, because Dallas has just earned himself a fight...against Kane. Either book Kane for double duty or do it after the Orton attack on Reigns.

Bo can lose to Kane and it works. Bo could also ALMOST lose to Kane and it could end in some kind of schmoz. The decision after that point is irrelevant. Bo doesn't really have to have a streak, he just needs momentum. Tonight it felt like he lost that momentum and in many ways may have lost the "mmmph" behind his push.

After he goes over to someone with legitimacy, NEXT week he can lose to R-Truth and do the nutjob gimmick after the fact. It would then both make sense and tell a progressive story.

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